How to fix the PayPal login errors?

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After your PayPal login account is active, go to the Profile tab under "My Account" to link new bank accounts. Select "Update Bank Account," which takes you to the page where you can change bank account information.

PayPal is the world’s top-class financial technology company that allows its customers to access its payment and card services. You can also use these services in case you have signed up for a PayPal Login account. This PayPal account gives you the power to access full control of your money. But sometimes you may commit mistakes on the login page and face login issues with your PayPal account. Now, in case you are also experiencing problems while using or accessing the PayPal account on the mobile app or browser then you have visited the right page. However, you can clear out these issues quickly by approaching the definite solutions that we are going to mention on this page. Make sure to keep your device connected to the high-speed internet connection while approaching the solutions.

Solutions to fix the PayPal login errors

You can use the definite solutions that are given below to fix the issues that you are facing while accessing the PayPal account. 

  • When asked, use the current username and password details to access the PayPal account. In case you are getting an incorrect password error then you need to reset the password of your PayPal account.
  • To fix the PayPal app not responding issue: Update the app, clear the app data and cache files, or remove the app and then re-install it. 
  • Make sure to use the PayPal app on a mobile that has sufficient storage to avoid the app not responding issues. 
  • In case your PayPal account has been blocked due to any type of issue then you should connect your call with the PayPal support agent to fix the issues.


In short, PayPal login problems can be fixed easily with the help of quick solutions that are given above on this page. Make sure to enter the information that is asked of you such as account number, credit/debit card number, or password details of your PayPal account while using the account. In case you are still looking for help with the PayPal login issues then restart the device and then re-enter the username and password details of your account carefully. Hopefully, you have fixed the PayPal Login issues with the help of this post. 

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