Regional Transfers for Early 2022 in New World

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New World is currently holding the lively Winter Convergence Festival, where players are caring.

New World is currently holding the lively Winter Convergence Festival, where players are caring. Because of the fun and difficulty of the task, many players buy New World Gold to make themselves stand out in this feast, both in terms of dress and achievement.

Amazon Game Studios is now on holiday most of the time, but there are still problems to be solved in the new year. With the recent server merger incidents that occurred in the past few weeks, players are also satisfied with the response speed of Amazon Game Studios, and inspired them to buy New World Gold. More mergers and updates are coming in the future, some issues have to be resolved, and some players are still asking about regional transfers.

Regional shift has emerged from the very beginning, when the demand was overwhelming. Amazon has doubled the number of servers, and if players use servers with a small population, they promise to transfer them for free later. Then revealed that the promised server transfer only applies to the same region. The weapons and equipment owned by players and items such as Cheap New World Coins are also transferred simultaneously.

At the beginning of December, the thread was shut down, and they were notified that two solutions could be tried to handle the zone transfer. Since one question to the community is whether they prefer options based on delivery speed or wait longer but have more sophisticated options, it becomes clearer what this might mean entering 2022.

Since it has been a while, now server consolidation may have a greater impact on the players’ experience. Amazon Game Studios is actively working on regional transfers and will share more information when ready.

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