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After you get back and are informed that OSRS gold the Red Axe has just bought your contract. They're now your boss. However difficult this might be, you need to talk to your boss, Hreidmar. Do a job for him, and you'll be fired in the near future.

Use your thieving skills to locate them. Be sure to follow them, but do not go too close, or Colonel Grimmson will spot you. Stay at least five squares in front of them. Be on the lookout for them when they walk into Hreidmar's house. A person will appear, and order them to meet at "the location". The Boatman will take them there. Before you stow away on the boat you might want to purchase some gear for combat and food This is going to turn ugly, I assure you.

Go to the Dwarven Bootman. Instead of speaking to him, you could stow away aboard the ship. The Red Axe members will tell him that they are giving an entire bar of adamant to "them". After a while, you will be taken to a cave that is down the river that is located near Keldagrim which only the Red Axe know about. It isn't a good idea for the Red Axe members to advance to the next room, so stay until they get there.

When they've gone you can go towards the doorway to search for traps. Remove the traps, go through and check the balcony to find three Dragonkin below you, with one of them being named, Wyvoch. Wyvoch is one of the Kin that you saw following While Guthix rests. The Red Axe members will enter. They're allies. What's the reason the Dragonkin require allies comprised of a few businessmen who have such economic power they could be able to cause recessions, or even flagrantly breach the law? This question I think the answer lies within. The conversation continues:

It appears that you took the bars made of adamant. Yes, we did. Our Chaos Dwarves are scheduled to unload them soon. Why do you need them so badly? We'll show that. In fact, can we request a favor from Grimmson? It's possible that you'd like me to test your newest Dragon. It's easy to buy RuneScape gold see the reason Adamant is so vital.

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