Madden NFL 21: Top 5 Rookie Cornerbacks

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The NFL Draft is over and the rookies are ready to play.

In Madden 21, gamers can obtain top rookies in their online franchise can set their team up for success for years to come. So today, we are looking at five rookie cornerbacks who you will want to get. Because one day, they could become cornerstones of your franchise.

Jeff Okudah – 76 OVR

The former Ohio State Buckeye finds himself tied for the top spot in the class. The best cover ratings across the board, outside of being 2nd in man coverage, Okudah has the makings of a lockdown corner. At 6’1, Okudah is a taller corner with decent physical traits. He is going to be on almost all teams' “untouchable” list. While not a fast as most Madden players want, he should hold up well enough in coverage to build your secondary around.

C.J. Henderson – 76 OVR

A late riser in the draft process, Henderson is the 2nd of our 76 overall corners. Henderson is the more athletically gifted with a class-leading 93 speed and 92 acceleration. Hendeson can cover a bit, as he boasts the highest man coverage rating of the entire class. The only concern is the class low 50 tackle rating for Henderson, but tackling has never been a corner’s main purpose in most defenses. Henderson should find himself as Super Star development and most likely untouchable in terms of trades.

Jaylon Johnson – 73 OVR

The 2nd best overall cover man in the class, Johnson has the makings of a really good corner. That doesn’t mean he isn’t without some flaws. Average speed 89 and acceleration 89, along with a low injury rating of 83, may scare off some users from looking to build around him long term. But his size and coverage abilities make up for it in your mind.

Jeff Gladney – 71 OVR

Not really spectacular in any area, Gladney is essentially a body to play but offers little else. Above-average speed and acceleration 91 is the most redeeming quality here and may be intriguing to some.

Noah Igbinoghene – 70 OVR

There were three players tied at 70 overall, so I chose to go with the one I thought offered the most upside. None of the options here are great on the surface, but Igbinoghene offers a solid physical base to build off. 91 speed and 92 acceleration, combined with a class-leading 93 jumping, make him someday become a starting corner. And he only 20.

Which rookie cornerbacks are you most excited to use in Madden 21? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section! Finally, if you are interested in outstanding players in other positions in Madden 21, please visit here to keep an eye on them. Also, if your team has not been set up yet, you may refer there to select the right players. Missing coins? Do not worry! Because this is also one of the best places that cheap madden NFL 21 coins for sale. It's cheap, safe and fast. With these coins, you can get any players that you want!

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