The release of Path of Exile’s new extension Echoes Of The Atlas makes players very excited

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Path of Exile today launched the latest extended version of Echoes Of The Atlas. Path of Exile version 1.13 update has been released, which adds many new features, including new maps, new endgame bosses and new passive skill trees.

Path of Exile: In Echoes Of The Atlas, you can use your own passive tree to specialize each area of ??the atlas and make observation stones to complete your rewards. Choose up to ten map bosses to face and challenge Atlas at the POE Currency same time The new pinnacle boss: The Maven. Maven sounds like a particularly tricky new task, because it will require you to defeat several other bosses, and then return to your own realm to fight them again. After that, she will finally decide to fight yourself.

There is also a new ritual challenge alliance, which is buried in altars all over the world. You must kill the POE Trade Currency bad guys who protect them, and then activate the altar for an additional challenge: kill more monsters that appear to attack it to get rewards from the altar.

Grinding tools are especially prepared for players to jump into that part of the update. In the past, the development team put forward many league ideas that tried to be courtesy, but only when they discovered this idea did they know that it deserves this prestigious name. Grinding Gear Games has released the full patch notes for update 1.13, as well as detailed information about the balance changes, the advantage update, and all other details.

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