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TurnoverTopBagfactoryFactory Product Description These Carry Bags with TurnoverTop are very suitable for packaging and carrying fresh and delicious bread or other delicacies. You can prepare some mouth watering baked bread on weekends, and use these bags to pack them for a picnic or as a gift to your neighbors and good friends. They are made of high-quality kraft paper materials, which are durable and tear resistant, so they can well bear the weight of various foods. In addition, these bags can be used for many purposes. You can also use them as pie bags so that guests can take souvenirs home. Features With these Carry Bagswith TurnoverTop, you can put your freshly prepared baked food into them and keep them safe and fresh during the journey. They are thick and durable enough so that they will not tear during transportation and the food inside will not fall out, ensuring that your baked goods are always fresh and delicious. In addition, there is enough space outside them for you to write or draw on them for personalized creation. Specification Ltem CodeBag Dimensions(mm) ( Width x Height x Gusset )Bag Dimensions (inch) ( Width x Height x Gusset )Pack Size (pcs/ ctn)Plain MOQ (pcs)Printed MOQ (pcs) NWJ205205*270*115mm8.07鈥欌€?10.62鈥欌€?4.52鈥欌€?/span>4002000050000 NWJ245245*340*135mm9.64鈥欌€?13.38鈥欌€?5.31鈥欌€?/span>3002000050000 NWJ260260*305*120mm10.23鈥欌€?12鈥欌€?4.72鈥欌€?/span>3002000050000 NWJ260H260*360*120mm10.25鈥欌€?14.17*4.72鈥欌€?/span>3002000050000 NWJ285285*365*120mm11.2鈥欌€?14.4鈥欌€?4.72鈥欌€?/span>3002000050000 NWJ320320*270*110mm12.5鈥欌€?10.5鈥欌€?4.35鈥欌€?/span>3002000050000 NWJ320H320*320*110mm12.5鈥欌€?12.5鈥欌€?4.35鈥欌€?/span>2002000050000 NWJ335335*330*175mm13.19鈥欌€?12.99鈥欌€?6.89鈥欌€?/span>2002000050000 NWJ405405*405*150mm15.94鈥欌€?15.94鈥欌€?5.9鈥欌€?/span>2002000050000 NWJ450450*350*120mm17.5鈥欌€?13.75鈥欌€?4.75鈥欌€?/span>2002000050000 STANDARD MATERIAL RECOMMEND 鈼?00/110/120/140 gsm Recycled brown kraft paper (PCW) 鈼?20 Virgin brown kraft paper Supply Ability 70,000,000pcs/monthTurnoverTopBagfactoryFactory website:http://www.nanwangpacks.com/paper-bag/tunover-top-bag/

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