New Surgical Techniques Improve Facelifts

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If you're in your 50s or 60s and unhappy with the changes in your appearance caused by aging, you may be considering facial plastic surgery. In Hawaii, for example, people are after the most natural-looking facelift Honolulu has available. The results are quite impressive if you compare photographic comparisons of people who have undergone facelifting with new methods. It's likely women more often undergo the procedure, but men do too. When subtle and naturalistic, the result is to restore a more youthful appearance. Sometimes achieving the simplest results takes more sophisticated techniques.

Lifting sagging facial tissue vertically rather than pulling it as was done in the early days of facial plastic surgery has transformed the results. The sites where the lifting occurs are also disguised by tiny incisions in spots where they become invisible. It goes a long way toward calming the anxiety of anyone who wants a facelift but wants it to be a personal secret. Exactly how much or little you may need to achieve the desired results is up to your surgeon, but having realistic expectations always helps. While it might be possible to give you the face of a 20-year-old, it wouldn't look as natural.

Many people see a plastic surgeon for a facelift when their appearance might be improved more by an eyelid or neck lift. The value of an initial consultation and advanced imaging can demonstrate the results you'll see. The most beneficial approach is the one that accomplishes your goals with the least amount of change necessary. The best way to look younger naturally is to have done only what is most needed. The most talented facial plastic surgeons will give you candid advice and help with minimally invasive procedures. They also mean less downtime; you'll recover and see results faster.

It's also increasingly common for people to inquire about nonsurgical facelifts. They are achieved with cosmetic treatments to the skin's surface and dermal fillers. The difference is the result is temporary, and you'll need to return periodically for retreatments. A surgical facelift can produce the desired outcome for 15 years or more, while the effects of fillers are more often measured in months. It's not to say that one is better than the other, but it depends on what you must have done and the results you seek. Either way, plastic surgeons today have many more options to offer you than ever before.

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