There Are A Fair Number Of Level 90+ Gamers

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And I believe RS gold has lower standards for what's an exciting upgrade anyhow, most players are just doing their thing and if they don't get upgrades for a while it is not a big deal because they mean to grind for countless hours doing the exact same thing and they're happy to do that. On RS3 though it's kinda like... Eh. 99s are really easy, so in case a new training procedure isn't super good money and/or AFK what is even the point to most people? Similar story with items, OSRS players actually have a sensible desire for lower grade weaponry because individuals aren't all level 99 in their combat stats so that it's simple to add things with a larger impact. Not to mention PVP is a thing, so some arbitrary bizarre weapon can become the focal point of an entire account.

There is also a perception of RS3 not having many upgrades, but it will get some fairly massive updates and when it does get those massive updates it introduces a lot of things. Idk, there is just so many factors at play and it's hardly"RS3 doesn't advance." OSRS just recently got the"Hallowed Sepulchre" agility action however. And it's a large piece of skilling content comparable to Shifting Tombs, it probably is really larger and more interesting than Tombs as well.

Upping slayer to 120 even with what's there today still feels dull and lacking in material. Dead content construction and watertodt, very nice indeed lul.

OSRS's community is drastically different from RS3

Actually, the building contracts are well received and I will see them having a decent quantity of player interaction. OSRS's community is radically different from RS3 because gp actually means something to the majority of players in runescape 3 gold and efficacy means significantly less. Right now, there are a reasonable amount of level 90+ gamers just starting to really train construction because the art itself has become more economical and more interesting than sitting at a house, alone, and destroying furniture all day.

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