Things to do in Hurghada city

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Things to do in Hurghada city

Egypts oldest and most well-known resort is Hurghada. There are many things to do

in Hurghada city. For example, the offshore is the vibrant underwater display of the

Red Seas coral and fish life, which initially brought Hurghada to

Things to do in Hurghada city

Egypt#39;s oldest and most well-known resort is Hurghada. There are many things to do

in Hurghada city. For example, the offshore is the vibrant underwater display of the

Red Sea#39;s coral and fish life, which initially brought Hurghada to the world#39;s

attention. Back on firm ground, Hurghada, a small fishing village, has grown into a

resort city with tourist-focused attractions and services. Hurghada is one of the most

significant locations to visit for a winter sun-and-sea break for northern Europeans

(who account for the majority of visitors to Hurghada), with sandy white beaches, and

blue sky in plenty throughout the year.

Things to do in Hurghada city

Egypt#39;s Red Sea coastline is home to the resort city of Hurghada, which is regarded as

its oldest and most well-known.

In the last 30 years, Hurghada has only been more well-known as a resort town,

offering the greatest beachfront facilities, activities, and cultural pleasure. Hurghada

was formerly regarded as a modest fishing village in the 1980s.

Hurghada, which is rich in natural resources and beauty and gets its name from a local

plant, is now popular among tourists because of its vibrant coral reefs, opulent hotels,

lovely desert getaways, and rejuvenating Red Sea activities.

Over 1 million visitors visit the formerly little fishing village that has developed into

an amazing resort town each year.

Let#39;s get started and explore the things to do in Hurghada city, Egypt, that you

absolutely must include in your schedule.

Hurghada city History

Although there are many things to do in Hurghada city, it is necessary to know the

city#39;s history.

Hurghada#39;s history dates back to 1905 when it was just a tiny fishing village.

Hurghada was selected and built by British oil exploration engineers in 1909, but

everything about this idyllic place changed in 1913.

Due to investments made by the Egyptian government in Hurghada and many foreign

corporations in the late 1950s, which resulted in the construction of hotels and an

inner resort and the transformation of the entire city into a genuine international

tropica, this is the case.

Hurghada Red Sea, one of Earth#39;s top three diving destinations, is now regarded as a

magnificent global center for aquatic activities.

There is no better site than the idyllic resort where you can properly appreciate the

splendor of the Red Sea, making Hurghada one of the top tourist destinations in

Egypt. It is located 500 kilometers southeast of Cairo along the coast for about 36 km

(ca. 22 mi mi), although it extends too far into the desert. It serves as a resort for


Egyptians from all over the nation, particularly international visitors, and the

population of the city is 248,000 people.

4 Things to do in Hurghada city

Here are the 4 most prominent things to do in Hurghada city, as follows:

  1. Scuba dive at one of Egypt#39;s top snorkeling locations.

Due to the Red Sea#39;s crystal-clear waters, an abundance of marine life, including

stunning coral reefs, and scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities, Hurghada is

renowned across Egypt as one of the major centers for these activities.

Utopia Island, where you can see a wide range of coral reefs.

Makadi Beach is noted for its beautiful, translucent seas.

Giftun Islands National Park, teeming with turquoise blue waters and spectacular sea

life, including dolphins, is some of the best spots to snorkel close to Hurghada.

Consider signing up for a snorkeling trip that offers all the tools and gear needed to

enjoy snorkeling to the fullest, along with safety advice and safeguards.

Get put on the boat, take in the views of the beachfront resorts as you depart

Hurghada, and learn how to snorkel.

Snorkeling can cost as little as USD 22 and frequently comes with lunch and ground


  1. Visit the Giftun Islands by boat

One of Hurghada#39;s most well-liked boat trips is to the Giftun Islands, which provide

great stretches of white beach to soak up the sun and an abundance of snorkeling


So when we talk about Things to do in Hurghada city, we must mention these islands.

The nearby, easily accessible coral reefs offer a wonderful glimpse of the Red Sea#39;s

magnificence for people who aren#39;t scuba diving fanatics.

Treat a vacation to the Giftun Islands entirely as a beach getaway during the busiest

travel season when dozens of boats arrive every day, scaring out any marine life.

  1. Hurghada Grand Aquarium offers information about

marine life in Egypt

In addition to presenting the diverse marine species that abound in the Red Sea, the

Hurghada Grand Aquarium serves as a platform for raising awareness about the need

to preserve marine ecosystems and marine life.

The aquarium has already garnered several accolades for its 24 distinct galleries

featuring a wide range of marine life, for being one of the biggest indoor aquatic

ecosystems in the world, and for several other reasons.


The aquarium not only showcases marine life but also functions as a zoo, sharing

exhibits and unique chambers with the rainforest, fossils, and even a tiny zoo devoted

to animal protection.

You may observe a shark feeding or diving with sharks if you#39;re courageous enough

to do so. The 24-meter underwater tunnel offers an immersive undersea experience.

No appointment is necessary to purchase tickets; they may be bought at the door.

  1. Things to do in Hurghada city: Dive the Straits of

Gubal Sites

One of the prime Red Sea diving locations is Egypt#39;s Straits of Gubal, a small body of

water that can be reached from Hurghada and is sandwiched between the Sinai

Peninsula#39;s western shore and the Red Sea coast.

The Thistlegorm, a WWII cargo ship that French diver Jacques Cousteau

rediscovered, is located in this region and is one of the best wreck dive sites in the


The Thistlegorm, arguably the most popular dive site in the Straits of Gubal, is

reachable by liveaboard from Hurghada, but divers who wish to explore farther will

discover lots of other options to dive.

Abu Nuhas, which can be reached by dive boat for a day excursion from Hurghada, is

one of the Straits of Gubal#39;s most rewarding diving destinations.

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