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Semi-automatic PET Blowing Machine , this type of machine include two units, preform reheating unit and bottle blowing unit

Semi-automatic PET Blowing Machine , this type of machine include two units, preform reheating unit and bottle blowing unit, the advantage is low investment on machine, each machine need one operator. If you do not need high output, and labor cost is not high, semi-automatic blowing machine is a good choice. There are wide ranges from small medicine bottles to 5 gallon bottles blowing.

Manual-feeding automatic-blowing machine, this type of machine has higher production capacity, need one operator for each machine to feed preforms, next works are full automatically. The advantage is higher output at reasonable investment.

Several types of pet bottle blow molding machines are available including:

Injection blow molding. This type combines two processes for manufacturing pet bottles. The first process involves molding preform plastic that is test tube like having a threat detail useful for completing the bottleneck molded for the terminal point of the bottle. The neck in the pre-form mold in stage one become the starting in stage two where the neck is reheated, fixed in the blowing mold, blown for the final shape. The injection blow molding machine is the best for making large quantities of pet bottles.

Stretch blow molding. This type is like the Injection blow mold machine. It uses the pre-form bottle to make the final product by blowing and stretching the bottle at the same time to extend the length and force air into it to lengthen and widen the bottle to the shape and size wanted. The advantage of stretch blow molding machine is that it requires less material to make the same bottle made by the injection blow mold machine.

Extrusion blow molding. For making complex bottle shapes, this machine is best. Extrusion blow molding machine is in two forms: continuous extrusion and intermittent extrusion blow mold machines. They can make varieties of pet bottles for various needs.

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