What can I do if haven't upgraded the equipment and decide to upgrade the entire system?

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Quality and classification of equipment with ascending priority. equipment panel

Entry into equipment: Each piece of equipment has its own entry and characteristics the most efficient equipment is the one that matches the qualities of its particular skill type.

The number of equipment holes is interpreted as the amount of reinforcements.

Enchantment: Equipment Reach +6

Gem slot can be understood as the place where gems are set up.

Fortified Stone that comes with Fortified Hole as well as Fragile

1The game is divided into weapon strengthening stone (+1.+2.+3) in addition to armor strengthening stones (+1.+2.+3). Each level can produce the second level of strengthening stone.

2. The strengthening hole can be divided into white and gold. The success rate for golden holes is 80percent, while the percentage of success of white holes decreases as the amount of weapon enhancements increase.

3 Gems. It is, in essence, this thing can also synthesize more sophisticated gems.

4Enchanting: Equipment may be transformed into a magical item, and once the achievement of a certain level more enchanting features will appear. Enchanting will be discussed later.

5 Fragile Weapons are weapons and armor that Elyon Gold are destroyed in the event that they do not get stronger. by this symbol.

2. Equipment strengthening

When you've found one of the weapons with holes then you are able to improve the strength of the weapon. The success rate of improvements to equipment differs each time. If you would like to see a specific success rate table Please send me a private message and I'll make it better.

Find a town in search of this symbol. After the NPC is located then click the first to start the process of strengthening. If I use my small as a model, and the chance of success strengthening the hole in the beginning is 80%. Because my name is Jin Kong, the success rate in the back is between 60 and 80 percent. After 8. the probability becomes 20-40 percentage.

If it's normal enhancement to equipment (except fragile) the equipment will not be damaged. There will be a step back, and if that hole is also utilized, then the role of gold watches is to prevent any downgrading or failures. PS: The source of the gold watch currently includes random rewards from wild bosses in addition to this wolf head currency exchange.

What can I do if haven't upgraded the equipment and decide to upgrade the entire system?

If the upgrade for the equipment fails then you can search for the upgraded NPC to select the second option, and then click the scroll to reset. However, after the reset the number of holes on the equipment, the color of the entry gems, etc. are all re-randomized (the previously 6 holes could turn into three holes). The reset scroll can be found at Auction House. It is available from the color of green to purple. purple is too expensive (the price I paid when I tried the strategy) It is better to do it again.

3. Advanced equipment (blue to violet)

Equipment advancement should be based on certain conditions. For example the word +7.+10 lower than the weapon. When our equipment is strengthened with +7 or 10. We go to the large stronghold to find NPCs equipped with these graphics . We then Elyon Gold for sale put the weapons or armors which have been strengthened to +7 on it. The diamond that is in the middle is obtained through dismantling the blue-colored equipment (5 fragments right-click to synthesize the diamond material).

4. Equipment Enchanting

All equipment other than white can be enchanted. different types of equipment use different enchanting materials. If the equipment is +6.+10 (will get more attributes) and you are in the city, go to the city to locate this NPC and enchant it. The amazing materials mentioned on the way can be purchased by auction, and a small amount will be distributed as part of daily tasks. Three blues can be combined to create one purple. That is what happens following synthesizing. These are usually basic attributes such as attacking speed, attack damage, and so on. This is the amount of damage dealt to monsters.

Five, cleaning equipment

You can also use my equipment to clean the hole to explain. The equipment cleaning is the hole cleaning this means that the second gem slot that appears in +4 is only able to be used to clean the second gem slot of +4. The components must be the same, and the occupation is not important. For instance, for my shoes, I now want blue instead of red on the 2nd hole. In the beginning, I'll need the perfect pair of +4 shoes with red in the second hole.

Once you have found it, head to the stronghold and find the NPC wearing the same avatar. The main equipment should be placed on the left side, and the sacrifice on the right. The figure above indicates an excellent result. In spite of failure or success the sacrifice will be eliminated. When successful, there will be a line pointing to indicate that the whole change has been successful. Click the button at the right-hand side of the screen to press.

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