Amongst the total players involved in the development of RNA extraction and purification kits and reagents, majority of the players engaged in the development of RNA extraction and purification kits were established ****ween 1981-2000.

During our research, we were able to identify more than 60 developers were involved in the development of RNA extraction and purification kits and reagents. The RNA extraction and purification kits market is currently dominated by the presence of small companies. This is followed by the presence of well-established players in this domain.

Further, most of the manufacturers of RNA extraction kits are headquartered in North America. Within this region, the US has emerged as the most prominent region, having the highest number of manufacturers. This is followed by the number of stakeholders headquartered in Asia-Pacific, with China and India being the base of operations for seven companies engaged in this domain. As can be observed in the figure, majority of the kits employ spin column technology for RNA extraction and purification. This is followed by the number of kits that employ magnetic beads technologies for the extraction and RNA purification. Further, maximum number of the kits have the ability to extract total RNA, followed by the kits that can extract viral RNA.

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It is evident from the figure that over 80% of the RNA isolated using RNA extraction and purification kits are used for PCR / RT-PCR applications, whereas 49% isolated RNA are used for blotting applications. It is worth mentioning that close to 50% kits are used to isolate RNA for SARS-CoV-2 analysis. With the increasing adoption of molecular diagnostics and introduction of novel and advanced RNA extraction and purification techniques, the RNA isolation and purification market is anticipated to witness steady growth in the coming years.

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