Respond to Customer Reviews

Request, Manage and Respond to Customer Reviews



Reviews have a huge influence on both organic and local SEO. It is essential to regularly ask, manage, and respond to reviews.

Remember that Reviews are rewarded with clicks, and clicks result in the ability to be seen in the results of a search!

Reviews also show Google that your business is awed by its customers and their opinions.

Google allows you to examine the products and services of your company by giving you an option to link it through your GMB listing. You can send the link, or attach it to a QR code, or use it in conjunction with other getguestpost marketing tools that are creative. If you are requesting reviews, ensure you follow the best practices guidelines.

  1. Include Posts on Your Listing Each week


Google is determined to make it easy for users to find what they need when they need it. You can use the posting feature within your Google My Business account to add items, services, and events directly to Google Search and Maps. It can be viewed as an addition to your social media marketing efforts.

Posts can help you interact with your Get Guest Post readers and keep your presence current on Google.

They can also be sent from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Businesses can also influence their Knowledge Panel breakouts with direct feedback regarding their company and the people that represent it.

Be sure that your articles are interesting and clear, free of spelling/grammar mistakes and easy to comprehend and don't include any Website unnecessary details. If you are able, add the image or link, but make sure the link is from an established source.

  1. Attributes are Your Friend


The best way to showcase the distinctive aspects of your company is to highlight its unique characteristics. This can include being an African-American owned, female or veteran-led business however, it isn't limited to business status and can include features such as outside seating, LGBTQ friendly space or Gluten free options.

  1. Let the world know what you do or provide with your products


This feature allows you to add information to your listing, and permits you to showcase your products or services. It's completely free and will put all the pertinent details in front of your potential clients. Google can also help you understand the purpose of your company by putting a product or service in your listing.

When adding products, the following fields can be utilized:


Product Name, Product Image, Product Price (fixed or range) as well as an explanation of the product. It also has an optional button to call-to-action (Order Online Buy, Buy, Learn More, Get Offer) with a hyperlink.

PRO TIP: Since your products are not at risk of expiration, we recommend that you arrange them in custom categories.

We can clearly see that our products are actually actually services as you can see in our listings.

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