Solo Female Travelling to Georgia

Every year lots of people visit Georgia country which is rapidly increasing each year and there is no need to prove why…

Every year lots of people visit Georgia country which is rapidly increasing each year and there is no need to prove why… Lots of landscapes like cities, mountains, beaches, wine-producing regions, and lots of UNESCO sites are much to attract tourists. But maybe you wondered if is Georgia safe for female travelers. If this is your issue then don’t worry…this can be sorted with this article. Before heading to Georgia…you can choose to get a Georgia tour package to make the most of your trip…. It would be better if you take these packages with the best travel agency in Dubai as they will guide you through your whole trip.

This article is divided into various parts, let’s go through the blog to know if is Georgia safe for female travel.



Undoubtedly… that is the most important thing to consider while being in Georgia. However, there are lots of people in Georgia who speak English and the government has also taken the initiative to employ more English-speaking people. But still, the Georgian language is the native language of the country and is spoken by the locals of Georgia. If you want to interact with the Georgians, it is important to learn some Georgian phrases to leave a smooth impact on the locals.



Drivers in Georgia are famous for their craziest driving in the world. Even in the narrow mountains, they drive at their pace speed. It is important to wear a seatbelt being a four-vehicle.

The drivers of Georgia do not generally speak English but the people in the surroundings are very helpful, especially at the bus station which is sometimes crowded. In case, you want to a take bus and don’t know how to make it, you can ask your taxi driver easily by asking the name of the place, they might ask in your language but still, you can hint by pointing to the direction.

Instead of getting a taxi, it would be great to take public transportation that can offer you a chance to talk to the locals. Public transportation is usually very cheap and offers you the flexibility to be dropped off anywhere you want.



You will find that the crime rate in Georgia is very low and it ranked at 7th place in the world in terms of safest country. The Georgian police was earlier known for being corrupt but now this thing has been changed and it is quite safe and reliable to trust the police.

Being a solo female traveler, it is usual to find unwanted attention from males in any country you head to. And Georgia is also not an exception…. But ignoring this activity can be better for the trip.



However, it is unlikely to fall sick while wandering in Georgia as it is an exercise caution spot. But there is an infection of the intestines named Giardia that causes diarrhea, abdominal pain, and nausea. It can be increased by drinking tap water or water from lakes, rivers, & pools, eating raw fruit and vegetables, so it is important to take precautions.

If you are heading to the mountains of Davit Gareja, it is common to find venomous snakes, especially in summer. The medical facilities available outside of Tbilisi can be poor, so it is important to cover your body. There are lots of medical services available in Tbilisi, but it can be costly.


Georgia is good to visit

While being in Georgia, you will find that the people are friendly. There are lots of sites that offer amazing views and some local restaurants have the best food to eat. Keeping some points in mind, your Georgia trip can be the best one that you might remember lifetime as a beautiful memory. So, don’t be afraid to head alone. Georgians will welcome you with openly arms as they believe that guests are sent from God.

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