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This forced him to suspect that the retreat of the rebels was premeditated, not the "retreat" written in the battle report, but a planned and organized strategic retreat. Its purpose is to break the situation of Liang's concerted efforts, let them return to the state of loose sand, and then hold high the flag of battle and make a comeback. In the art of war, this is to avoid the enemy "go all out", so that they "decline again, three and exhausted.". During this period, the puppet court in the territory of the four States of Liang would continue to develop and grow, gradually forming an encirclement of the capital, so that the Liang army could not deal with the rebels of Zhao Jing as before. At that time, it may be much easier for Zhao Jing to attack Weizhou again. Liang Xiaodi recalled with chagrin that when he heard the news of Zhao Jing's retreat, he was so excited that he couldn't sleep all night. He climbed up the Wufeng Tower in the middle of the night to experience the happy atmosphere of Shangjing. The next day, Ziji Palace and Yonghua Palace also held banquets to entertain the officials and their families. The whole capital was jubilant, more lively than the New Year, with firecrackers everywhere, singing and laughing everywhere. In the days that followed, the restaurant was full of guests, the aristocratic family was full of guests, and the street market, which was tense and depressed because the rebels were approaching Shangjing, was restored to its former prosperity and noise. But soon, he found that the situation was not right. First of all, the atmosphere of "unity of purpose, vow to live or die with the capital" is gone, just like when a strong enemy is pressing the border,ultrasonic handheld welder, one side of the string is too tight, suddenly released, and then completely relaxed, everyone has returned to the previous state of mind, even more lazy and indulgent. Secondly, the centripetal force formed by the national crisis has also collapsed unconsciously. Originally promised additional donations did not follow, and even the part that had been donated was eager to be returned. The courtiers were still scheming against each other, and those who made money from the national crisis still made money from the national crisis. They even went even further, emptying the treasury and transferring property. Thirdly, the States they recovered needed a lot of manpower and material resources to rebuild,ultrasonic extraction cbd, which brought a huge burden to the court. Zhao Jing's occupation army knew how to buy people's hearts, and the taxes they levied were lower than before. They had to be even lower, and the vacancies could only be filled by the funds allocated by the court. And at this time, lost a large territory of Liang, a year of sharp decline in tax revenue, not enough for the daily expenses of the court, the cost of supporting the war, is basically the old capital in the treasury, and from the civilian collection of military pay. Before the rebels attacked Weizhou, Emperor Xiaodi of Liang had asked Chen Tuan, the minister of the Ministry of the People at that time, to report to him that there should be more than three quarters of the national treasury. But just now, the newly appointed minister of the Ministry of the People, his uncle Guo Dingqi, said that many of the account books of the Ministry of the Interior were empty accounts, that is, there were accounts, but there were no accounts in the treasury, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and the treasury deposits were actually less than half. This made Liang Xiaodi fall into unprecedented anger and panic. During the war, he cried poverty to his courtiers and people all day long, just to leave a way out for himself and Liang. The five emperors of the Liang family, after more than a hundred years of accumulated wealth, if half of it was used up in a year of war, what should we do after that? Now their livelihood is so difficult that they can't make ends meet. What they have in the treasury is all their capital and can't be used easily. Let the minister in charge of the treasury to help cry poor, really received very good results, the rebels before the retreat of that period of time, they received private donations can basically meet the needs of wartime. In his mind, he felt that the method of "maintaining war by war" was really brilliant, and he was ready to continue to build momentum, so that the princes and the people could recognize that only when everyone contributed money and effort together, defeated the rebels and saved the court, could they keep their wealth and status, and then let them continue to donate money. The more they donated, the closer their relationship with the court became. When they donated, he had verbally promised that when the war was over and the situation improved, he would pay it back slowly in various ways-so he borrowed, not every donation, he asked the Ministry of Civil Affairs to give a receipt with an official seal. It's good to have receipts. If he can put down the rebellion and stay on the throne, he thinks he has many ways to deal with those people. If he can't, if the receipts fall into the hands of the rebels, they will become evidence to help the old court deal with them. Even if the new court does not punish them, it will alienate those who donate the most.
So the more they donate, the more they have no way out but to follow him. Liang Xiaodi did not feel that he had cheated anyone. All the donations he had made by crying for poverty were spent on state affairs. He did not embezzle them. The treasury deposits on which he relied for preservation were also there. He just ate what was in the bowl first and put it in the pot. In the final analysis, what was in the pot and bowl was not all a family? The property of the officials and the people belonged to Liang. Country, country, country, home. Can be damned Guo Dingqi, and his brother Rui Wang Liang Youcheng, actually fish in troubled waters, take advantage of the chaos to occupy the treasury, his last family property is gone, it is a crime that he will appoint his uncle to preside over the Ministry of the People, and let the brother of the same father and mother supervise, replace Shen Peng and Chen Tuan after him, not for the sake of relatives, think they are a grasshopper on the same rope with If they don't take good care of the treasury and bring down Liang, they will bring down themselves. But unexpectedly, the most difficult place to guard against is the house thief, and the moths from inside to outside are the most deadly. But a few days ago, the king of Rui led the order to the newly recovered Jingzhou, and the people who sent Xuanguo Dingqi only brought back a piece of folded son who said he was ill, and shifted all the responsibility to Chen Tuan, the former minister of the Ministry of the People, and Shen Peng, the former minister of the Ministry of the People. He said that he and Ruiwang were appointed at the critical moment. When they took office, the handover was too hasty. They thought that all the data in the account book were true. It took them more than two months to find out the truth. They found that the treasury was in such a serious deficit. He felt ashamed and anxious and could not afford to fall ill. Liang Xiaodi wanted to curse again, the Ministry of the people is how big yamen, not only Shen Peng and Chen Tuan two people, money registration and other specific matters are not done by them, the owner of the main thin scribe and others from the side to help, every account, how many pairs of eyes staring at, how to play tricks? Guo Dingqi and Liang Youcheng are the only two people who are really likely to play tricks. When Weizhou was besieged by the rebels, Minbu was in a hurry. On the one hand, it had to buy supplies and distribute military pay; on the other hand, it had to accept donations from all sides. Every day,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, people with cards kept coming in and out of the treasury. As the top managers, Guo Dingqi and Liang Youcheng went in and out of the treasury several times, which also gave them time and opportunity to commit crimes.
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