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Seeing that Chen Caozhi was so handsome and polite, the beautiful female disciple thought that Chen Caozhi was a royal relative. So although she was pushed and fell down, she was not sullen. "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter," she said with a smile. At this time, the male disciple who was in charge of oil injection picked up a bowl and poured it into the tripod. At this time, he did not delay any more. He emptied all the remaining bowls in succession, and the tripod was seven full. His palms were already daubed with white wax. "Your Majesty," he said, bowing down, "please watch the little tricks of the poor way." When the smoke dispersed, Sima Pi, the emperor, Sima Yi, the king of Langya, and Sima Yu, the king of Kuaiji, all approached the bronze tripod. "The oil has not yet boiled," said Chen Caozhi. Lu Kui was so sure that he had a white wax armguard. He gave Chen Caozhi a sidelong glance and said, "Just wait for it to boil." Today the tripod is boiling slowly, Lu Jian doesn't care, only think that the bronze tripod is thick and heavy, heat transfer is not easy, after a while, finally the tripod is boiling like a spring, Lu Jian muttered in his mouth, walked to the side of the tripod, lifted his sleeves, his hands suddenly reached into the oil tripod,fake blossom tree, the action was very shocking, because of the white wax armguard, at first the moment did not feel much hot, Lu Jian to show the magic in front of the emperor, His palms also leisurely drew a Taiji Yin and Yang fish pattern in the boiling oil. "Wow!" Hearing a howl, Lu Wei pulled out two palms from the oil tripod, desperately shaking his hands, even jumping and jumping, a few drops of oil splashed on the face of the emperor Sima Pi, so hot that Sima Pi also exclaimed. Sima Yu and others did not know why Lu Kui suddenly jumped madly and threw his hands away,Faux cherry blossom tree, and hurriedly retreated, and the Chamberlain rushed to summon the imperial guards. Volume III Wonderful Reward Chapter 25 Saving Mrs. Lu Lu Kui was scalded by boiling oil, the pain in his palms was unbearable, and he jumped up and down, shaking off the wind to reduce the pain, but he knew in his heart that there was a mistake this time, and it was a big mistake in front of the emperor. If the emperor blamed him, his head would be in danger. Lu Kui had a quick wit. If he confessed to the emperor and asked for forgiveness, even if the King of Langya would intercede for him and save his life, he would never come to the fore again. He immediately knelt down and faced the south. He kowtowed like pounding garlic and hissed, "The local officials and emperors forgive me." When the four disciples of Lu Kui saw the accident, they were so frightened that their faces turned pale. They also knelt down and kowtowed. Then they shouted, "Forgive me, the local officials and the emperor." Emperor Sima Pi sat down on the imperial bed with the help of Langya King and his Chamberlain. He touched his cheek with his hand and felt a burning pain. He asked his brother Sima Yi to help him look at it. There were a few red spots, which were oily and hot. Fortunately, there were only three or four small spots, which were not serious. Outside the gate of the east hall of the Taiji Hall, there was a clang of footsteps. Huan Mi, the leader of the group, came running with a group of guards. When he saw Emperor Sima Pi sitting on the imperial bed safe and sound, faux ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, he was relieved and asked in a loud voice, "Your Majesty, what happened?" Emperor Sima Pi today can be said to be frightened, previously Lu Jue said there was a female ghost in the hall, this will be crazy to jump and shake hands, and kneel down and knock on his head, is it crazy? When he saw Huan Mi leading his troops to the temple, he felt more at ease. "General Huan," he said, "this Lu Jijiu has gone mad. Drag him out." As soon as he was dragged out, it was over, and there was no chance to argue. Lu Wei kowtowed to the south and explained, "Your Majesty, I didn't lose my mind. When I got up early to recite the Sanyuan Pinjie Sutra to the Sanguan Emperor, I had distracting thoughts and was not pious. When I just performed the Dharma, the local official emperor punished me for my crime, causing my hands to be scalded. The local official emperor forgave me-the local official emperor forgave me-" Chen Caozhi looked at Lu's discomfited appearance. His hands, which were propped up on the ground, were red, swollen, and erosive. The skin of his ten fingers was completely peeled off. He said to himself, "This is a punishment for you to pretend to be a ghost!"! The deception of killing ghosts and bleeding will be spread quietly in two days. It shows that it is false and that those foolish men and women will be less deceived. Emperor Sima Pi will be alert to this. Lu Kui was introduced to the emperor by Sima Yi, the king of Langya. Now Lu Kui had made a fool of himself and scalded the emperor. Sima Yi could not absolve himself of the blame. Naturally, he wanted to excuse Lu Kui. He knelt down and said, "Your Majesty, Lu Jijiu was not pious because he served the local officials and the emperor. I did not notice it, so I introduced him rashly and scalded the emperor. Please forgive him.".
” Sima Pi and Sima Yi were brothers and had a close relationship. Sima Pi would not blame Sima Yi for this. He touched the hot red spot on his cheek and said, "Ah Ling, what does this have to do with you? This is Lu Wei's insincerity in serving the three officials. Lu Wei, raise your hand and show me." Previously, the emperor called Lu Kui as Lu Jijiu and Lu Xianshi. At this time, he called Lu Kui directly without respect. Lu Kui turned around, walked on his knees, and raised a pair of peeling, red and swollen hands to show the emperor Sima Pi. Sima Pi only took one look, then frowned and said, "Get out, get out, get out quickly. It makes me want to vomit." Lu Wei endured the pain and humiliation, hastily tidied up the utensils, and took four disciples out of the palace in panic under the escort of Huan Mi. When Emperor Sima Pi saw that Lu Kui had gone, he looked at Chen Caozhi and shook his head, saying, "Chen Caozhi doesn't know how to make alchemy, and Lu Kui is even more undeserved. I'm really disappointed." He got up and said, "I'm in a daze. I want to go back to Zhongzhai to rest." All the people in the hall quickly got up to see the emperor off, and the emperor Sima Pi gave a gift to his uncle Sima Yu alone, and then left with a few chamberlains. Sima Yu and Sima Yi looked at each other. Lu Shifa was really like a farce. The oil and vinegar in the bronze tripod were still boiling, and the hall was full of smoke. Sima Yu hurriedly ordered people to remove the charcoal fire and carry the bronze tripod away. Sima Yi, the king of Langya, felt humiliated and left in a hurry. Sima Yu, the king of Kuaiji, felt helpless to the emperor Sima Pi's ignoring the government and seeking the elixir of immortality. He shook his head and did not want to say anything more. He said to Chen Caozhi, "Caozhi will go out of the palace with the king." "Your Majesty, please," Chen Caozhi replied. Together with Zhang Ping and Wang Biaozhi, they followed Sima Yu out of the East Hall, only to hear someone behind them call out, "Mr. Qian Tang Chen, please wait a moment." Chen Caozhi stopped and looked back, but saw Gao Song stepping forward quickly. "Gao has something to say to Mr. Chen," he said. Sima Yu asked with a smile,decorative palm trees, "Is it difficult for Gao Shizhong to argue with Cao?" Gao Song shook his head and said, "No, Song has something to ask Mr. Chen for advice. Let's talk about it as we go." 。 hacartificialtree.com
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