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The targeted killing in the square was over, and by the time the people in the building found out that someone had come in, it was too late! Two bodyguards were lighting cigarettes and walking out of the door of the building, but they saw two black men running in front of them. They were stunned for a moment. Just as they were about to open their mouths, a string of bullets were fired at them. The impact of the bullets knocked them down, but this time the language of slaughter worked. These two bodyguards have a dog in their hands! Although the dog only had time to bark twice, it was enough to attract the attention of the people inside! "Someone broke in!" I don't know who shouted in the dark, and soon a large number of bodyguards ran out of several buildings at the same time! Tu had already run out, and in his opinion, these bodyguards who blindly ran out of the building were simply live targets! There are no rules at all! It came out in a hubbub, like a flock of flies scurrying around without a head. No formation, no tactics.. It's a mob! In the courtyard outside, my men had already occupied several favorable terrain. These professional soldiers are even divided into groups to form a fire crossing network! How can such an accomplishment be compared with that of the mob of the underworld? In the dark night, bullets whistled in the air, little sparks flying around, dense bullets hit the first floor of several glass doors all broken,plastic pallet manufacturer, broken debris flying, those who rushed out of the bodyguards were beaten upside down, immediately heavy casualties, the rest repeatedly shouted, and retreated into the building. The sound of bullets pierced the silence of the night, but it was far from the city,collapsible bulk containers, and unless someone called the police, it would not cause any noise. As long as we don't make a big bang! As for calling the police. I don't think the police will come to this place after two false reports. Moreover, the police who came the first two times must have been reprimanded by the relationship above. After all, Ye Huan has a backstage. There was no one in the open space outside. Ye Huan's bodyguards all retreated in. Tu waved his hand. After a few battlefield tidying up, five men immediately formed a group and rushed towards the building, using the standard snaking charge posture. The windows on the second floor are very Push it away, the people inside are shooting down quickly! The bullets whistled, and the two black men running in the front were immediately thrown back by the oncoming bullets, and the three men behind them had no time to dodge. Someone was also shot, but then rolled away on both sides. Hit here, the part of the attack has been basically successfully completed, the rest is the frontal attack. I'm not too worried, plastic pallet manufacturer ,ibc spill pallet, because I believe in Tu's ability. Tu immediately ordered the Negroes to shoot at the windows of the second floor, but the sound of our people shooting was one after another, not just crazy shooting. There seems to be some reservations. And those Ye Huan's bodyguards upstairs are different! They seem to be frightened rabbits. Go crazy and shoot the bullets in the gun down! For fear of someone rushing into the building below, they can only fire desperately, fire, fire again! "Stupid guys, they don't even know how to intercept in batches!"! If all the people shoot at the same time, all the people will shoot at the same time! Then there will be a time gap in the fire interception. Tu sneers. Very fast. The intense firepower of the other side suddenly stopped, and the night was silent. Even I could clearly hear the sound of empty guns hanging up on the second floor, which was the sound of magazines running out! These guys don't know how to shoot in groups, and they all run out of bullets at the same time! As they reloaded, Tu had raised his hand and a large number of people rushed into the building! And by the time the people upstairs reloaded their magazines, most of my people had already rushed in! In half a minute. There was a bang of gunfire in the building! Then the firepower of the other side on the second floor was silenced. Boss, the door is clean. Tu reported to me on the intercom. Several black people around me ran into the building with Yang Wei.
The lobby on the first floor was littered with shards of glass and flying sawdust, as well as bullet holes in the walls and smashed flowerpots and murals. The people inside had already run away, and they all ran upstairs. We went up the stairs, and there were several bodies lying on the stairs, all of which were each other's bodyguards. Blood flowed all over the floor, and the pungent smell of blood came to my face! Yang Wei frowned. I hugged her gently and whispered, "I told you not to come." Yang Wei shook his head: "No, I am needed to deal with the aftermath here. Without me, you can't handle it alone." Now the people in the building are in a desperate situation. They will find that the telephone line has been cut off and the mobile phone can not call out! Based on the last time I was ambushed, this time I also prepared several electronic communication signal jamming systems smuggled from the United States, which were already set up around this place at night. Now the mobile phone signal here can't get out at all! Cut off from the outside world. Even my people themselves use the most primitive walkie-talkie frequency. The elevator was also cut off, and my men split into groups to go up the stairs in the building. The target is the casino on the top floor, where I remember Ye Huan's office is. Along the way, we encountered fierce resistance. In the narrow corridor, even the well-trained soldiers did not have much advantage compared with the rabble of the underworld. At this time, it was difficult to carry out any tactics in the narrow corridor. Neither side had heavy weapons, but our men were equipped with some steel ball fragment grenades, relying on these things, they rushed all the way up. Tu rushed to the front as a vanguard! With this humanoid super weapon in the lead, the defense line hastily organized by the other side often collapses at a touch! The gangsters met Tu, the God of killing, and almost no one could resist him face to face! Tu's body was covered with blood, his face was covered with blood, and he could not even see his true face clearly. Finally,collapsible pallet box, Tu's voice came from the walkie-talkie, "The seventh floor is clean.." Boss, there's something you need to deal with here. 。 binpallet.com
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