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However, when Bai Lianxiang heard this, he was dissatisfied. After spitting lightly, he stretched out his slender hand and pinched Ye Tao's waist mercilessly. "You are a bad guy talking nonsense, so I will ignore you." Looking at her little'daughter 'look, Ye Tao smiled slightly, and did not tease, said to Li Yan lightly, "Well, lead the way ahead." "Yes, yes, senior," Li Yan nodded hurriedly. At this time, he did not dare to open his mouth at random. He was carefully leading the way in front. And Ye Tao asked Bai Lianxiang, "Xiang Xiang, have you been here?" "I've been here twice a long time ago, but that was fifteen years ago," Bai Lianxiang replied softly. Hearing this, the shock in Li Yan's heart suddenly became much less, and it seemed that this was just a tender face. At the same time, after Ye Tao nodded, he asked Li Yan, "What's your name, and are you familiar with this?" Although Ye Tao has been here once before, he is not very clear about the situation here. After all, he came here nearly 10 years ago and planned to find a guide. When Li Yan heard this, he was slightly stunned and immediately said, "Senior, my name is Li Yan, and I know the situation here clearly." "That's good,wholesale plastic pallet," said Ye Tao with a smile. "I want you to be my guide for a day. Would you like to?" As soon as Li Yan heard this, his face was full of ecstasy. This innate master, for people like him, was out of reach. Where would he let go of this opportunity? He nodded hurriedly and said, "Senior, I am willing, I am willing." Ye Tao smiled and said, "Well, you'll follow us later." "En, En," Li Yan nodded hurriedly and led the way carefully in front. At the same time,plastic wheelie bins, the three strong men in black suits in the room next to the big iron gate saw Li Yan bring them over, and they knew clearly in their hearts that this man and this woman were probably also people in the martial arts world. Even so, two of the three strong men also walked out of the small iron gate. When Ye Tao three people came, the captain's eyes flowed to Li Yan. Li Yan immediately ran to his side and said in a low voice, "Captain, these two predecessors are congenital masters. They can release their spirit. I have felt it just now." "What?" Captain suddenly startled, immediately took a look at Ye Tao two people, bowed respectfully said, "two seniors, I Zhao Yu, if you have anything to tell me." Although he was not sure about the specific things, he believed that Li Yan would never dare to play with him. At the same time, Ye Tao waved his hand lightly, and immediately made Zhao Yu straighten up. Zhao Yu's heart was a small shock, which also confirmed the fact that they were congenital masters. Ye Tao then said, "It's not necessary to give orders. I just lack a guide. I'm going to borrow Li Yan for a day. You have no opinion?" "No, no, absolutely no, if there is a shortage of people, I can also accompany the senior for a day." Zhao Yu nodded hurriedly. The status of the congenital master here is not supreme, euro plastic pallet ,plastic bulk containers, but it is not much different. Another man beside him smiled and said, "Senior, if there is not enough manpower, I can also follow you." Ye Tao Wen Yan does not know whether to laugh or cry, however, this is also normal, after all, as long as the martial arts people, the heart is very clear, as long as they can stay in the congenital master side for a day, it will be more or less good, this is also a chance for them. Understand to understand, how can Ye Tao bring them to his side, light way, "no, Li Yan alone on the line." When Zhao Yu and another person heard this, they were very disappointed. At the same time, they were jealous of Li Yan. If they had known this earlier, I'm afraid they would have run out. However, they didn't think much about it. After all, this is fate. The relationship between them and Li Yan is also very good. They are happy for Li Yan in their hearts. At this time, Li Yan Hei Hei smiled and said, "Captain, then I will take my predecessors in." "En," Zhao Yu nodded and exhorted, "Be careful to entertain your predecessors."
"Yes," Li Yan answered, made a lead, and brought Ye Tao into the big iron door. Looking at the back of the three people disappeared, Zhao Yu could not help sighing, "Xiaoyan is lucky this time, as long as the two predecessors give a little advice, it will be useful for life." Another man laughed and said, "Captain, in fact, it's nothing. That boy, if you get something, why don't you share it with us?" "You this smelly boy, is" flower "" flower "thought much," Zhao Yu laughed and scolded after a sentence, hurriedly said to him, "well, don't talk nonsense, immediately, the two predecessors to the matter, quickly report to the above." "Yes," the other man answered and rushed back to the guard room, then picked up the walkie-talkie and began to report the situation. About five or six minutes passed like this. Under the guidance of Li Yan, Ye Tao and Bai Lianxiang had not yet reached the first sentry post when a golden Rolls-Royce came quickly and stopped right beside Ye Tao. At this time, an old man about fifty years old came out of it. He was thin and looked very impressive. But when he saw Ye Tao and Bai Lianxiang, he said with great trepidation, "The elder came here. Tang Chongyou lost a long distance to welcome him. I hope you can atone for your sins." "Just" Ye Tao light is a wave of his hand, Tang Zhong can not help but straighten up, feeling such a change, it can be said that Tang Zhong's heart is shocked, because he is a member of the Tang family of the four big families, the family naturally has a congenital master, even in the upward, he also knows one or two. With Ye Tao's actions without fireworks, he already knew that even if the latter was not more congenital, it was not much different, because his own cultivation had already reached the ninth floor of the day after tomorrow, but he had been stuck here all the time. Steady mood, Tang Zhong for Ye Tao is a bit respectful tunnel, "senior,spill plastic pallet, I do not know what you come here this time?" "I'm going to sell something, and I'm going to buy something," Ye Tao replied lightly. cnplasticpallet.com
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