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The yellow color of the stomach is a little dull. The dark color of emotion is very heavy, mainly worry and uneasiness. Crane looked at it carefully, leaned back slightly, and raised his hand to close the vision. Hello, Mr. Moretti. The woman in the light blue dress sat down. Good afternoon. What should I call you? Crane asked politely, not necessarily expecting an answer. As a strong keyboard player, he knows that many people are reluctant to use their real names when divining. You can call me Anna. The woman in the light blue dress put her cap aside and looked at Crane expectantly and suspiciously. "I want to divine my fiance's condition. He went to the southern continent in March for a business. On the 3rd of last month, he sent a telegram to me and his family, saying that he was about to set sail and return. But twenty days later, he still didn't come back." At first I thought it was because of the weather in the violent sea, but today, more than a month later, the ship he took, the Clover, has not arrived in the port of Enmat. The sea separating the northern and southern continents is called the Sea of Fury, which is famous for its numerous natural disasters and dangerous currents. If it hadn't been for Russell the Great, who sent people to explore several relatively safe channels, the countries of the northern continent would not have been able to start the colonial era until today, let alone lay submarine cables and complete the structure of wired telegraphy. Klein looked at the first real client of his "soothsayer" career and asked cautiously: "Which method of divination would you like to use?" Chapter 55 revelation Anna, who had beautiful eyes, hesitated for more than ten seconds: "You can choose whatever you think is the most efficacious. You're a diviner, and I'm not. Of course, besides cards,Flush Retrofit Kit, including Tarot, I've tried to study them at home, and I always think it's more like a toy, more like a game." Crane thought a little, put his elbows against the edge of the table, clasped his palms in his mouth and nose, and said in a calm, calm tone: "Then use the astrolabe." He pointed to the fountain pen and a stack of white paper on the table and said: "Write down your fiance's name,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, physical description, address, date of birth, if you can remember the specific time, that's better." Judging from his dress, appearance and temperament, he believed that the other party was not illiterate. Without answering, Anna reached out and pulled out a piece of white paper, picked up the pen, dipped it in some ink, and began to brush and write, pausing to think. Two minutes later, she pushed the white paper to the opposite side. Crane pressed his hand, turned the order, and brought the information on the paper into the fundus: "Joyce..". Mayer On September 15, 1323, Prison toilet for sale ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at 8 Stephens Street, East Side, Tingen, with short blond hair and a nose like an eagle's beak.. With just one glance, Crane quickly calculated the number of birthdays for the other party: "One plus five equals six". In the mystical realm of spiritual mathematics, the one-digit sum of birthdays is called the birthday spirit number, which affects a person's life before the age of 27, while the birth month spirit number (the number of birth months added to the one digit) affects the age of 27 to 54, and the birth year spirit number (the number of birth years added to each other to the one digit) affects the age after 54. Today is July 1349, and Joyce is not yet 27 years old, so Crane quickly calculated the number of birthdays. The number 6 means that life is balanced, coordinated, and there is a relatively good marriage or quasi-marriage with love. Then he counted the number of fleeting years of the other side. The so-called fleeting year spirit number is to replace the birth year with the current year, and then add it with the birthday spirit number and the birth month spirit number to get the general fortune of this year. 1 + 3 + 4 + 9 = 17, 1 + 7 = 8; 8 + birth month spirit number 9 + birth day spirit number 6 = 23; 2 + 3 = 5; fleeting year spirit number is 5, indicating that changes and accidents will occur, requiring a certain amount of adventure.. Crane combined with the actual situation, silently made a judgment, determined that the information provided by Anna is more accurate. He withdrew his eyes from the paper and looked at Anna: "Mr. Mayer left on June 3?" "If he's not lying, that's it." Anna nibbled her lip. All right Crane took the pen and jotted this down.
He looked at Anna with dark brown eyes and said gently: I'm going to start drawing the corresponding astrolabe. It takes a certain amount of time and absolute silence. Can you go out and wait for a while? Angelika will give you a cup of coffee or black tea. "All right." Anna, knowing that some diviners have eccentricities, got up without surprise, took the gauze cap with the pink and blue ribbon, and left the citrine room. Crane locked the door, returned to the table, and mapped out the chart of events, including constellations, planets, and houses (divisions of sky positions), based on dates and times. In this process, he hardly turned over the "astrology manual" and completed it all by memory. During this period of occult lessons, Crane found that as long as it was related to divination, once he learned it, he could easily grasp it and quickly become instinctive. This may be the "diviner". When he finished drawing the astrolabe, he felt a sense of satisfaction, only to feel that his body, mind and spirit were much more relaxed. Looking at the results, he roughly judged Joyce according to the constellations, according to the houses in which the planets fell, and according to other auxiliary symbols. Mayer will meet his doom. , but finally able to come out. At this point, the divination was actually completed, but Crane attached great importance to the first "business", hoping to accumulate word of mouth and facilitate the later performance, so he picked up his pen and dropped a line of Hermetic language heavily on the piece of paper Anna wrote: "Joyce..". Mayer's current situation. 。” He recited this sentence silently, memorizing the birth date and other information on the paper, over and over again. Seven times later, Crane grabbed the paper and leaned back in his chair. He sketched the ball of light in his mind, his eyes turned dark, and his whole body quickly entered a state of meditation. The surroundings suddenly became ethereal,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and there seemed to be invisible things and illusory fog extending above, boundless and boundless. Crane recalled all the contents of the paper again, then indulged himself and fell asleep in such a state. What he wants to use is "dream divination". cnkexin.com
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