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The sea dragon held the wind in his hand and came to the cyclone in a twinkling of an eye. The cyclone formed by the golden clouds was still rotating, but the sea dragon could not feel any magic contained in it. But the wind beads in his hands are even warmer. Previously, the various forms of gold clouds formed by splitting suddenly flew to the entrance of the cyclone like a sea of rivers. Where the light flashed, the various forms of gold clouds disappeared one after another, and many of them passed through the sea dragon. Apart from the slight breeze, the sea dragon had no other feeling. The cyclone was still spinning, and suddenly the sea dragon saw a faint white light at the end of the cyclone. The white light was unusually soft, which made him feel extremely cordial. The chaotic gas in his body suddenly accelerated. Under the guidance of cordiality, the sea dragon flew up and rushed to the entrance of the cyclone. He was curious about the chaos king. The reaction of the wind beads made him feel that this strange illusion must be related to the chaos king. Rushing into the entrance of Qixuan was only one meter away. The body of the sea dragon was blocked by a huge resistance. He was slightly startled. Bai's chaotic gas was not afraid of any prohibition, but the sudden resistance made him feel helpless. The chaotic gas seeped out of his body, but it had no effect on the resistance. The wind beads in the hands of the sea dragon have become hot. He handed the wind bead to his left hand, and his right hand called out the golden cudgel. Urged by the magic power, he suddenly went to the resistance point that blocked Bai Ji. What shocked the sea dragon happened. The invincible characteristics of the golden cudgel in the invisible resistance disappeared. The golden light on the stick suddenly faded. Suddenly, the resistance suddenly broke out. The body of the sea dragon was ejected like a cannonball and fell to the ground in an instant. A dexterous spin, using the gas of chaos to dissolve his momentum, he quickly looked at the golden cudgel in his hand. The golden cudgel had returned to normal, still shining with golden light, and when he looked up to the sky again. But the fairy clouds in the sky seemed to have nothing happened,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, not only the cyclone disappeared, but also the pale golden light was lost, and everything was restored to its original state. "You've wasted your time, silly boy," said Yunyang with a smile. My father and I have explored this illusion many times, but we have not felt anything, and the resistance at the eye of the cyclone can not be passed even if there is a great magical power. I really don't know how this strange scene came into being. It appears once every hundred years, and it may have some special significance. The Peacock Princess still looked at the sky and murmured, "How beautiful!"! I didn't expect that there would be such a strange number in the fairy world. She always liked nothing better than to ask for good things. Lan Linger proudly obeyed: "This illusion can only be seen by our Fangcun Mountain, the golden light produced by the illusion.". Can only diffuse around a hundred miles or so, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, but in addition to us here, in other places, can only see a layer of golden light. It's not bad to enjoy it once every hundred years. I really want to know where the end of the cyclone is. If I could, I would like to explore it. Although there was only a short contact. But the sea dragon's heart is full of shock. When he was ejected by the force of the cyclone, he clearly felt that it contained a chaotic atmosphere similar to his own. But the chaotic gas is different from its own, and its vast feeling is much stronger than its own fire attribute chaotic gas. Previously, he had always thought that his chaotic spirit was pure enough. But after feeling the air of chaos just now, he no longer thought so. Compared with the pure breath, his own chaotic breath seems so complex. He finally understood what is the real chaotic gas, at this time the sea dragon, the chaotic gas filled with fire beads and earth beads can open the door, thus entering the cyclone. But how easy is it to get the other three orbs? Piaomiao took the sea dragon by the hand and asked, "What's the matter with you?"? Are you hurt? The sea dragon shook his head and said, "No, I just feel that the speed illusion is very strange." Yunyang smiled and said, "The illusion is over. If you are interested, you can come here to watch it in a hundred years.". It's time for me to do the evening class. You young people can talk about it.
” As soon as his father left, Lan Linger suddenly looked lively. He put his hands on his hips and said to the sea dragon, "Come with me and let you taste the power of my Cang Ling Arrow." Hailong can be afraid of being entangled by Lan Linger. She can be said to be the treasure of Fangcun Mountain. She is not afraid of her natural cultivation now, but the feeling of being entangled by her is not good. If she wins, she will certainly not give up. It is almost impossible to lose. With her present chaotic spirit, even if Lan Linger lets go of the attack, I'm afraid she can't hurt herself. "Elder Martial Sister," he said with a wry smile, "you have a profound cultivation. I don't think I'm a rival, so there's no need to compete." Having time to entangle with Lan Linger is not as good as enjoying the world of two people together. Lan Linger said angrily, "Don't be careless with me. It's not easy to meet you again. I won't let you go today.". I haven't seen you for hundreds of years. Let me see how far you have progressed. Princess Peacock suddenly took Lan Linger's little hand and said, "Sister Linger, what's so interesting about fighting? How about I show you something interesting?" As she spoke, she drew her right hand into the void, and in the palm of her hand there was already a small blue tube,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, which was only the length of a palm, as thick as a little finger, glittering and looking very strange. pioneer-biotech.com
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