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The theory of evolution of stunning beauty

I wanted to make a detour, but I didn't know that the two of them were standing around the whole birthplace, and there was no way to go around it from left or right. Poor me, I can only hide behind the fountain and watch them open the PK system with their weapons. After waiting for about 10 minutes, none of them dared to throw out their weapons first. I really waited until I could not bear it any more. I stood at the mouth of the fountain and shouted loudly: "Are you going to do it or not? If you don't do it, let me go out first. Is it annoying to be stuck on the road? If you want to fight, fight quickly. If you don't fight, roll directly!" Two groups of people immediately turned their eyes to me, and one of them saw the sky behind me, and his face suddenly became ugly: "Yes." Is the Lord of no city in the world! Last time, she killed 200,000 people by herself! The others immediately began to move. "No city in the world?"? That castellan is the captain who served the first battle?! "I've seen her fight!"! She's fast! And it's awesome! "Don't you know that she is the first one to open the border transport array in China's service area today, and solve it all at once!" Why is she here?! Are you looking for trouble in our eastern continent? "No, I heard she liked the invisible mission very much. Did she come to us to do the mission?" "Wow, look, her weapon is so handsome!" "It's really an idol!!! Mouth The corners of my mouth twitched, looking at the chattering nonsense of the group, and I stood there like a log, with a leaf floating around me,D BHB Factory, sweeping away the crazy talk around me. I finally waited for them to make way for me, and then I walked out of here slowly. Still chattering behind me, the blue veins on my forehead softened a little, and I slowly turned to the group of people and smiled: "Thank you." The crowd behind him suddenly petrified. She, he said thanks?! The captain of the first service war took out the Lord of the world without a city and said thank you to us. Oh my God.. After turning around, I took out the map and looked for the location of Ganyue Building along the instructions above. After looking for a long time, I saw that it was about the westernmost corner of the East Continent. Fortunately,Glucono Delta Lactone, because there was a busy city, the building would not lose its benefits even if it was built there. Moreover, the place where it was located happened to be the junction of the two continents. You could make a fortune by making money on the border. I was going to walk there, but I heard that the Chinese service area in the game of day by day recently launched a vehicle with bicycle function for players with insufficient speed value. So I immediately went to the streets of the East Continent and bought one to try. Apart from the slightly bad tires, the speed is still very fast, and riding in the game, there is a very pleasant feeling, like riding on the wind! Excited when the car drove to the west, when I passed the cliff, I was very handsome to carry the front of the car, "whoosh". Through time, through space, through heaven and earth, through the past and the future, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Thyroid Powder Factory, in that moment in the air, all the time has stopped, all the good things are concentrated together.. Well, the next scene seemed to be not so good. When my front wheel jumped onto the opposite cliff, it began to pull down the abyss due to the gravity of the earth. It grabbed the tree trunk on the side to keep itself from falling, but the poor bicycle still fell. Originally, I wanted to pat my buttocks and leave, but suddenly I remembered the broken sky sitting behind my car. He didn't fall down, did he! Anxious, I immediately turned around and looked down the cliff, where I knew someone behind me patted me on the shoulder. Turn one's head to look, it is the day is broken unexpectedly! It's a broken sky. Behind him spread a pair of beautiful wings, glittering and translucent like a glass angel, emitting a faint brilliance. All the beauty around him is covered by his light. I only saw him.. A face of a faint smile, so beautiful that everything in the world is out of color, out of light.
Reacting from the shock, I clapped my head with deep meaning (standing on tiptoe): "Good boy, next time you have such a big event as wings, tell me, I will never burn your wings.". Although I do like to eat braised chicken wings, I will not eat it for someone like you. After eating, it may be abnormal because of the genetic mutation caused by food. The sky is still a face of a faint smile, beautiful eyes are just looking at me, as if everything around him has nothing to do with him, the whole world only like me: "En." As long as you like.. Whatever it is, it can be given to you. Then let's go. I don't know how long it will take to get there, but the sooner this thing is solved, the better. I don't know why, I always feel a little strange. I feel that this game is going to start a big thing, but I don not know what's going to happen. I can't say. As I spoke, I began to walk forward. Tian Po, who was following me, did not speak, and very cleverly pulled my clothes away. While enjoying the roadside scenery, I waded through mountains and rivers, slept in the open air, and finally arrived at Ganyuelou after a game afternoon! In other words, this Ganyue building is really big, although it is in the border, and it looks like it is in a very inconspicuous place, but I did not expect that the structure of this building is so big that it can almost be comparable to the city. The most important thing is its design = 0 =! It looks like an ancient brothel or a small restaurant. Cough, after coughing a few times, I took the sky into the dry moon building fair and square. Before I stepped in,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, there was a fragrance, which forced me to step back a few steps. Only when he stood still did he see clearly the person who came. He was dressed in gorgeous red. There was so much foundation on his face that even the painter who painted the wall felt that his level was limited. His bright red lips were as red and strong as a monkey's buttocks. He was delicate and beautiful. When he saw it, he wanted to use an electric iron to iron his mouth. Is it really because I have been in the handsome pile for a long time that I have absolute immunity. pioneer-biotech.com

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