The best Lost Ark Deathblade skills: Awakening Skills

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Like Engravings, Awakening Skills become available when a Lost Ark character has reached 50 levels. There are two choices to pick in Lost Ark Boosting, though unlike with Engravings it's not an either/or choice You can gain both Awakening Skills when you'd prefer however, you're only able to apply one skill at a time.

The following engravings enhance the Deathblade capability particularly well:

The best Lost Ark Deathblade skills: Awakening Skills

The Awakening skills for the Deathblade include:

Blade Assault: Inflicts harm on a single line, while moving forward and drawing in foes. A subsequent QTE lets you to reach with the Perfect Damage Zone: if it's successful, you'll aim your enemies with throwing swords in order to do more damage, and knock them back and launching them into the air in the process.

The Flash Blink Dash in front of you for 12 metres before slashing all three of the swords (somehow) while inflicting injury and knocking enemies out of buy Lost Ark Gold the air.


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