Simple Ways to Buy a Diamond Ring With Ring Insurance

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The ring insurance can make your homeowner’s insurance cover expensive; However, some will cover your jewelry under request.

Diamond rings are valuable assets that many may overlook to insure. The piece may be small but worth more than some furniture and home appliances. To protect it, you need to insure them. You can get ring insurance while buying or after buying. However, it’s safe to buy a ring with insurance- it makes the process easier and more precise. 

Homeowner’s insurance companies cover almost anything in your house. However, many will not cover pieces of jewelry. There are several dynamics surrounding jewelry that make their market prices fluctuate. Thus, they can’t predict the cost of attaching to your diamond ring. Also, the ring insurance can make your homeowner’s insurance cover expensive; However, some will cover your jewelry under request.

How to get Ring insurance

When buying an engagement ring, the value is more attached to the feelings towards your spouse. You want to prove that you value them more than anything material. Thus, you get the best Diamond ring that you can afford. Some people go to the extent of taking loans to finance an engagement ring.

To get the most valuable asset, you need to ensure security around it. You can lose the ring through theft or misplacement or lose the stone that you’d need to replace. Below are some ways you can get ring insurance. 

Renters or Homeowners Insurance

Some policies allow you to add expensive assets to the homeowner’s or renter’s cover. Most of the time, these assets are jewelry pieces. However, you should know what the policy will cover. Some policies cover the stone alone; others will only give you a replacement value. 

Many policies cover the ring for fire and theft. If it happens outside your home, you count it as a loss. Thus, check your policy’s coverage and ensure the cost will cover the replacement value of the whole ring. 

Actual Value Policies

The actual cover policy is the cheapest you can get. It also keeps into consideration the depreciation value. Thus, you will get compensation less than the buying price. 

The actual value cover will compensate you depending on the age of your ring. However, you can change the option when renewing the policy.

Replacement Insurance Policies

The replacement value ring policy is the best if you want to get the best value for your lost or damaged ring. The policy will compensate you depending on the market value of the ring. It’s the best policy you can take for your heirloom jewelry piece. Here you’ll get an exact copy of your lost ring.


Ring insurance ensures you get back the value or part of the value of your ring. Some covers will give you a coupon to get the ring. You can top up to upgrade or get the exact ring after a loss. However, ring market dynamics make it hard to cover rings to their actual value. 

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