Amazon will release New MMO Lost Ark on February 11, 2022

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Amazon Games will launch Lost Ark on PC via Steam in the West on February 11, 2022.

Lost Ark was released in South Korea in 2019 and will now be available in North America, Europe, Latin America and Oceania. Previously, Amazon Games stated in June that it would release Lost Ark in the fall of 2021, but it was clear that this did not happen. As the main currency in the game, Lost Ark Gold is also a must for people who want to participate in this mysterious world.

Starting February 8th, players who buy Founder’s Pack on Amazon or Steam will get first-hand access to the game. Lost Ark is the second major release of Amazon Games. It is a free online game from Smilegate RPG in Seoul, with millions of active players in Korea, Russia and Japan. Some time ago, Amazon Games showed the Lost Ark game trailer on the stage of the Game Awards, which showed fast-paced battles and beautiful environment game screens.

In Lost Ark, players will start an Odyssey tour in a place full of cities, castles and catacombs. The game has 15 different hero categories with unique adaptable skill combinations. The tripod skill system allows players to select and enhance their unique characteristics when their combat skills reach a certain level. Players will go deep into the dungeon, face-to-face confrontation in expert PvP duels, test their courage in epic missions, raid bosses large and small, and hold their ground in battles with the demon army, regain eternal power and the lost Ark of light at

Although we don’t know how the official release of Lost Ark will perform, we can be sure that after Amazon Games has experienced so many problems with New World, they should learn their lessons and better optimize Lost Ark. For players, they have to learn about all aspects of the game and buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM in advance. Be patient!

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