The main reward is Falador Shield 4

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Falador Diary. The main reward is Falador Shield 4 - Acts as an Adamant Shield but it's different and has +5 Prayer. The primary advantages of OSRS gold owning this item is: +10% experience through Falador Farm activity, higher likelihood of receiving clues from guards, access to a bank chest within the Crafting Guild (which is fastest bank teleport available in the game when you have Crafting Cape), tree patch in Falador will not get sick the prayer recharge is full every day, a variety of new shortcuts and more.

Fremennik Diary. The main reward is Fremennik Sea Boots 4 - These pair of boots offers the same advantages as Adamant Boots however, in addition, they improve the effectiveness of both Ranged and Magic attack by 1. Even though these stats don't look impressive yet, this pair of shoes has more to offer:

Access to two more Lunar Magicks (Tan the Leather, and Recharge Dragonstone), unlimited transports to Rellekka, many new shortcuts, the ability to travel into Jatizso or Neitiznot using Enchanted Lyre and much more. To top it all off there is no longer a require the Seal of Passage to gain access to Lunar Island.

Kandarin Diary. Main reward: Kandarin Headgear 4 - Although it is the same type of item similar to Mithril Med Helm, it offers various bonuses similarly to other Elite Diary rewards. The bonuses include:

33% more efficient spinning on Seers Village Spinning Wheel, that can be beneficial for those looking to earn some gold coins. 15 percent more grace marks from Seers' Village Agility Course that can be utilized to make the process of the farming process for Graceful Outfit more painful. There is a possibility of moving the Camelot by buy 2007 runescape gold teleporting from the castle directly to the bank entrance. 10% more rewards from Barbarian Assault, and many other advantages.


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