New World: What exactly is Azoth and how does one obtain it

The enigmatic material Azoth plays an important role in the story of New World

The enigmatic material Azoth plays an important role in the story of New World. It degrades the environment, but new world gold can also be used by players for fast travel or crafting purposes. We reveal the truth about who or what is behind the Azoth.
What is the meaning of Azoth? Azoth is a mysterious substance that some believe can provide Eternal Life. Many adventurers who have been stranded on the island of Aeternum are drawn to buy new world coins because this material is only supposed to be available on this island. The desire for Azoth, on the other hand, degrades the game world and leads to the creation of the corrupt.
In addition to its significance for the lorry, the Azoth is also a significant currency in the cheap new world coins.

How do you get your hands on Azoth? Azoth does not play a significant role in the beginning of the game, and you see very little of new world coins for sale. However, it becomes more relevant and easier to obtain after reaching level 20:
Obtaining Azoth is made simple by completing quests that are related to the main story and the Azoth staff. You will receive approximately 20 Azoth as a reward for completing these tasks.
By defeating Corrupted Level 20 or higher, you can farm in a more targeted manner.
Participating in world events against the Corrupted will also net you a large amount of Azoth.

What are your options for dealing with the Azoth? This currency is required for a variety of game features. Cheap new world gold is primarily employed for short distance travel. You can use the map to travel to any settlement that you have already visited with the assistance of Azoth.
In addition, currency is important in the crafting process. It is necessary to use Azoth in order to obtain the best equipment with the best perks and attributes.
Last but not least, with the assistance of Azoth, you can reset your skill trees and thus adjust your skill for the appropriate weapon.









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