The process of putting words on a piece is not always as straightforward as it appears

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Junying has been adding text to all kinds of parts using a variety of techniques for several years

Junying has been adding text to all kinds of parts using a variety of techniques for several years. So here are some guidelines for including words, letters, and numbers in your parts and prototypes that you should keep in mind as you design them.

Molding by Injection

When using injection molding to create plastic parts, the rules for adding text are a little different than when using traditional methods.

It is necessary to reverse the rules for engraving and embossing because an injection molded part is essentially the inverse of its machined metal tooling counterpart. It is preferable to use embossed text on molded parts due to the ease with which the metal mold can be engraved by using a CNC mill. The following are the reasons for this: (For the reasons explained in the CNC Machining section).

Unfortunatelly, raised text on a molded plastic part comes with its own set of dangers. Abrasion can more easily remove the text from the part because it is raised above the surface of the part. As a result, a simple border around the text can be useful in order to protect the lettering contained within.

CNC Machining is a type of machining that uses computer-controlled tools.

The use of a cnc milling is capable of adding lettering to a machined part, whether it is made of metal or plastic. But there are some rules that must be followed in order to accomplish this successfully.

In spite of the fact that embossed text can be easier to read in some cases, it is usually preferable to use engraved text because it requires less material to be removed from the workpiece and therefore saves time and money.

Afterwards, there is post-processing

It is advantageous to have text embossed or engraved for a variety of reasons. In addition, it can be added during the manufacturing stage (using a cnc milling, for example) and does not require a separate process to be carried out after the fact. It also provides some degree of permanence because lettering that is physically raised or lowered generally lasts longer than lettering that is created with ink. Unlicensed copying of a part can also be prevented by embossed or engraved text, which cannot be easily rubbed off or painted over while printed text can be easily removed or covered up.

It is, however, not always possible to incorporate text into a product created by manufacturing machinery. Because of the company's branding, the text may need to be much smaller, or it may require a Serif font. Another possibility is that the part is too awkwardly shaped to be engraved or embossed on the part itself.













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