The setting: It takes place in a fantasy world which

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It was a game I played several times, but it didn't work out for aion classic kinah me. While looking for a different game to play, I came across the Classic server for this game. I was hoping to revisit to play a little earlier but I heard that the retail version had poor design choices. Let's get to what I'm most enjoying so far:

The setting: It takes place in a fantasy world which now lays shattered in two by a cataclysmic catastrophe that took place a long time ago. The race of humanity has been divided into two types (each taking up a different portion of the planet) and are in constant conflict with each other. As players, you have the option to decide which side to take on. The environments and locations have a lively, distinct and mystical feel, in contrast to the traditional Medieval one. In some areas you may even spot large creatures flying through the sky. You also have the capability to fly, but is restricted in certain aspects. The feature is still fun though.

Gameplay: The primary draw for this game is the PvP part. But the PvE content has been fantastic as I've observed. Combat is fluid and there's no global cooldown on abilities. You can also combat while flying. There's a place that lies in the middle of planet where battles and seiges between PvP players are held. I'm sure hundreds of players battle for their territory. Alongside the fighting here, world PvP exists in the form of occasional cracks that pop up that allow players to enter the opposite side of the globe for spying missions, investigate or simply playing random at your own leisure.

Other features I like include the worldbuilding and the lore. is extremely immersive. I've observed that the quests are a great overall story of the locations you visit, as for their relationship to the whole story. NPC dialogue contains key words that you can use to provide glossary definitions of creatures, concepts, places, etc. across the globe. The translation of the game is excellently done according to me. As of now, I've only found two minor mistakes.

It's possible that there's certain aspects I'm missing but overall, I highly recommend you give the game a go if you are looking for an mmo with a unique full-bodied world. Also, the character creation is quite diverse.

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