Nintendo has incredible IP that they seem to largely ignore.

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You know what? It is the next one. Those smug remarks are way more annoying. Since they are always* there, every single direct, if the general reaction is good or not, these people always like Animal Crossing Bells to only ditch this vague group of people without actually directly admitting them. They simply like to feel exceptional.

Nintendo has incredible IP that they seem to largely ignore. No upgrade on Metroid Prime 4? What about Star Fox? Guess we fell that trendy franchise. More obscure/clone fighters added to Smash ultimate, only diluting the match IMO (I know fans of the Xeno game will be happy). Along with also a swath of other little quirky games that just feel underwhelming or too weird for most people to take care of.Some thing is a repost and when it is it eliminates it, so maybe that may help. Rule 1 is a small bit wide. "Being a jerk" is somewhat broad, perhaps like fully define what it signifies. Along with also the"keep it safe to work" part. It's not like lots of NSFW articles are here in order to start with, but I have noticed out of a mod of this sub's profile they've commented on just two NSFW posts (That have not been removed) whereas if the rule was completely enforced they ought to have been removed. A bit more enforcement on that would be fine.

Anyways, that is all of the feedback from me.

Ugh I wanted to moderate the sub par but I need to have both a Google accounts along with a Discord? Stupid. A Reddit account ought to be the one thing needed, I should not have to experience precisely the same level of measures as it would be to substitute an ID. Not happening.

The fact you want to hide conversations off this website is not a good sign. I will have my solitude.

You won't believe this application but I'm applying here, on the plank I plan on moderating. Feel free to dismiss this article just like you disregard many posts from the sub.

I will answer the questions here if I feel as if you would consider them.

I encourage everyone to socialize - it is a party! Show off your emotes, dance with a stranger, or simply run around in circles! ??

Island rules include no picking flowers :-RRB- and please adhere to this group! If you get lost, just give me a shout and I will come catch you??

We'll be meeting on the dance floor while we wait for everyone to get Animal Crossing Items For Sale there. You'll see us on the dance floor. The tour requires abt and hour (I have 6 houses lol) but it is fine if you can't make it through the entire thing! ??


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