5 Things You Should to Know When Choosing Grill Mat

Great mats will be coated with non-stick coating. If the mat sticks to food, it will leave stains on your food and alter or flaw the taste. There

A BBQ Grill Mesh Mat allows you to show your creativity in cooking, baking and grilling your food. It lets you make food presentable as it makes easy to cook all kinds of foods on it such as vegetables, eggs, pancakes, pizzas, sausages, meat with oil and your favorite sauces. The food will not fall, clump, stick or spill out! Let yourself free from scrubbing the grate with the help of the right BBQ Grill Mat ! But do you konw how to use choosing the right grill mat?

Size of grill mat

Before buying a grill mat, you need to understand that size is one of the most important characteristics of a bbq grill mat. If the size of the grill mat would be suitable for your oven or grill then it would be easy for you to grill your food easily.

However, you can cut a large grill mat according to the size you need but purchasing a large enough grill mat will cost you extra bucks. What you need to do is before buying, just measure the size of your griddle, grill or your oven and know the dimension of an ideal grill mat for you and then buy it.

In case if you have a circular grill then please go for a round Txyicheng grill mat without choosing to test your paper cutting skills! It will save you time and money as well

Shouldn’t Be Sticky

Great mats will be coated with non-stick coating. If the mat sticks to food, it will leave stains on your food and alter or flaw the taste. There shouldn’t be a struggle between you and the mat when you are trying to serve the food. That’s quite embarrassing and more so when the taste isn’t perfect. Then there will be stains on the mat that is more difficult to clean. (This is definitely not a characteristic of the best grill mats.)

Some grill mats will be non-sticky for the first few uses and on the tenth use, they begin to stick. There is no particular way to find out if the mat will stick to your food after a few uses. Usually, in this case, you can rely on online reviews or go for popular brands.

What is Temperature Capacity?

The maximum temperature for the best grill mats is usually 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You might be tempted to go higher but do not. The source of your heat will also be of help. Some mats can survive any heat source such as gas, charcoal, gas, or electric ones. So read the details of the mats to ensure you aren’t limited to a choice because the manufacturer says it will last longer with a specific kind of heat. The best grill mats work fine on any source of heat or device.

The thickness of grill mat

The thickness of a grill mat is very important as the whole grilling process depends upon the amount of heat your food is getting. If the grill mat is too thin then it will get heat up very quickly making your food overcooked and also it would be degraded very soon! If your grill mat is too thick then it will make it harder for your food to be cooked evenly and in the required time.

The ideal size of a grill mat is 0.25mm. This size of a grilling mat is ideal to cook food with complete evenness. It makes the food to be cooked at the perfect speed of heating.


Usually, the texture of the grilled mat is indicated with a kind of scientific term – coefficient of friction (COF). But it is just talking about texture.

While there are rough and smooth surfaces, you need to choose the best always. Although the choice is completely up to you and this factor doesn’t have any effect on food taste, you should go for a smooth surface. Smooth surfaces are easier to clean. Maintenance should be easy when making a choice of the best grill mats.

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