After the large-scale community requirements, the large-scale SWTOR guild conquest activities changed

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BioWare is making some very important changes to the SWTOR Guild Conquest system. In the upcoming update, new members will have a grace period to join the guild before they can start contributing their SWTOR Credits, and the penalty for the guild will be to remove players from its ranks! All of these will appear in the near future!

The January 17 update provides more information about the origin of the event and how the community investigates before organizing the bulk of tickets sent to customer support. SWTOR system designer David Staats revealed in a forum post that as part of future updates, the SWTOR Guild Conquest system will undergo a series of changes.

Without the developers messing up the conquering system, games rarely survive more than two patches. This time there are good reasons, and judging by the reaction below David’s post, I want to say that the community is enthusiastic about it. The actions that BioWare is taking are divided into three departments, namely the guild’s behavior on the conquering front-inviting new members, kicking existing members, and commending and rewarding the guild.

Currently, when players join the guild, they will immediately start to use their personal conquest gains to contribute to the guild’s swtor credits. The new system will introduce a grace period, after which newly accepted characters can start earning points for their new guild. This change will only affect the guild conquest points and rewards brought by the character, and will not affect the individual conquest points and rewards. Their contribution will be calculated from the next conquest.

During this period, no new characters will appear on the guild conquest leaderboard, and guild career rewards will not be available. When players visit, they will see a message stating that they will not be able to contribute to the new guild’s conquest score at this time, and they must wait until the next conquest event occurs. Checking the "Guild List" page will display new roles that cannot be contributed, so that the head of the guild can better understand who can't actively contribute. "

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