Air Dolomiti Cancellation Policy – How to Cancel Flight Ticket

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Air Dolomiti's cancellation policy offers the most flexible and affordable cancellation on your reservation, as long as you must cancel within the stipulated time.

Air Dolomiti's cancellation policy offers the most flexible and affordable cancellation on your reservation, as long as you must cancel within the stipulated time.

This is the guide you need to help you make the most of booking flights as we delve into cancellation guidelines, refund policy, cancellation fees, and much more.



Air Dolomiti Flight Cancellation Rules

According to Air Dolomiti's cancellation policy, the cancellation penalty would apply to all fare types, regardless of the route and cabin class booked. In addition, it is necessary to know the following considerations before canceling the flight:

  • Flight cancellations are only applicable on the flight operated by Air Dolomiti.

  • The cancellation request must be completed prior to the current departure. Otherwise, the reservation value associated with the reservation will be forfeited and will not be refundable under any circumstances.

  • A cancellation fee of USD 200 per person may apply on all routes. However, the cancellation fee may vary depending on the conditions applicable to fare families.

  • In cases where the flight is canceled or delayed by more than 3 hours, the airline offers compensation along with refund of unused booking value.

  • The Economy Light fare does not allow cancellation, so no refund can be claimed except for the 24-hour grace period.

  • With the Economy Classic fare, passengers can request an Air Dolomiti flight change request. But no cancellation will be applied.

  • The Economy Flex fare allows cancellation and is subject to an airline penalty.

  • Business Saver Fare allows flight changes for a fee. The cancellation request will be restricted.

  • The Business Flex rate allows you to cancel your reservation. Therefore no cancellation fee will be applied.



Air Dolomiti 24-Hour Cancellation

As per the Air Dolomiti cancellation policy, you have the option to void or alter the flight booking within 24 hours of making a flight. To claim a full refund –

  • The reservation must not have more than 9 passengers.

  • The scheduled departure must be at least 1 week in advance when canceling the flight.

  • Flight reservation must be booked with travel credit vouchers, reward miles or e-gift certificates.



How to Cancel an Air Dolomiti Flight Ticket?

Air Dolomiti has the option to cancel the flight online or through the phone. 

Online Flight Ticket Cancellation

You must visit the airline's website and complete the cancellation by paying the cancellation fee in advance. The steps include –

  • Visit Air Dolomiti and navigate to the Manage Booking section on the home page.

  • Enter your reservation credentials in the required section.

  • After retrieving the reservation, select the flight segments you want to cancel.

  • The calculated refund amount minus the cancellation fee will be displayed on the screen.

  • Simply confirm your selection. To verify, you will receive an email confirmation immediately after canceling the flight.

Cancel Flight Ticket over the Phone

You can simply seek the help of Air Dolomiti flight executive by calling. Any additional service charges will apply in addition to the cancellation fee.

Air Dolomiti Refund Policy

The airline has mentioned on its website that it does not offer refundable fares as it helps keep its fares low for all passengers, but still, the airline offers refunds based on when you cancel your ticket after charging the mentioned cancellation fee. previously. However, you will be entitled to a full refund if:

  • You cancel your flight at least 60 days before departure.

  • You cancel a flight within 24 hours as long as it leaves at least 7 days later.

  • Your flight is canceled by the airline itself

  • If your flight is delayed by at least 2 hours.

  • Your flight is rescheduled and the new flight does not suit you.

  • You are forced to cancel your flight due to serious illness, death, jury duty, etc., as long as you can provide satisfactory documentary evidence and the airline agrees.

How To Get Air Dolomiti Refund?

These are the steps through which you can get a refund on your Air Dolomiti flight:

  • Go to the airline's official website

  • Select the “My Trips” option on the website.

  • On the next page, enter the required information such as last name and confirmation code.

  • Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page (you will be directed to the Reservation Summary page)

  • Select Cancel reservation

  • Now, the page will show you the refund amount with the cancellation charges on the last page.

Air Dolomiti Contact Information:

Dolomiti air wants to ensure that its passengers are well taken care of and that all their questions are answered, which is why it has implemented different ways through which passengers can contact the airline. These are the ways through which you can contact Air Dolomiti:

  • By call: Air Dolomiti cancellation phone number is +1-888-875-0388 (toll-free number open 24/7)

  • Via Chatbot: The airline has a bot present on its website that tries to answer all your queries and help you with your problems.

How Do I Cancel My Flight on Air Dolomiti?

If you have booked a flight ticket with Air Dolomiti but due to some urgency you need to cancel it. You can cancel your flight to Dolomites in two ways: online or by phone.

Air Dolomiti is an Italian regional airline and its head office is located in Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona and Italy. It plays an important role in promoting Italian style, fashion and taste. It also operates a network of routes from Italian destinations to Munich and Frankfurt. Air Dolomiti offers its passengers the offer of all travel classes, in Business class. It operates services to 6 destinations worldwide. Air Dolomiti offers more flexibility and benefits for passengers when managing their reservation. Therefore, you can cancel your Air Dolomiti flight ticket without any problems. If you want to cancel an Air Dolomiti flight ticket due to any emergency, the airline must offer the option to cancel the flight.

    Cancel the flight online: With the online option, you can visit the official Air Dolomiti website and follow the steps so that you can easily cancel the flight on your device.

Cancel the flight by calling: With the second option, you can dial the toll-free number of the Air Dolomiti reservation department and cancel your flight tickets and inform the aviation executive of any related problems.

Cancel flight at airport: With this option, you have to visit the nearest airport ticket office and passengers can talk face to face with the airline executives and ask them to cancel their flight ticket.

Air Dolomiti 24 hours Cancellation Policy

Now introduce Air Dolomiti cancellation policy 24 hours. Passengers can cancel a booked flight within 24 hours of purchase. It will provide you with a full refund of your ticket cost. In case of booking a week or more in advance of the departure date of your plane ticket. The airline grants passengers the right to change the 24-hour cancellation at any time. If passengers cancel a flight a few hours before the flight's departure and the flight is not booked more than a week in advance, Air Dolomiti asks to pay the penalty on which Air Dolomiti's fare regulations will fully depend.

Air Dolomiti airlines offer the best facilities to cancel flights online without any hesitation. Passengers can apply for the refund online and fill out the refund request form on Air Dolomiti Airlines through the official site. Refunds are provided only for eligible Air Dolomiti airline tickets that are canceled within active hours. Does not provide refund after ticket expiration period. Depending on Air Dolomiti's refund policy, it may take up to 7-10 business days to request a refund.

If the flight is canceled due to unavoidable reasons, the airline offers compensation to passengers who take the time to book the next flight. You can easily cancel your flight and get a refund. If you still have any problem, you can call the customer care help number. The customer service representative solves all your problems as soon as possible.



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