Seat reservations on regional trains in Eastern Norway

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Norwegian Air flights are operated to a host of destinations around the world, including Los Angeles, Manchester, London, New York, Madrid and more.

Norwegian Air Shuttle is a low-cost airline using the "Norwegian" brand name and is based in the capital city of Oslo, Norway. The airline offers high-frequency domestic flights within Scandinavia and Finland and to business destinations such as London, as well as holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands.



Norwegian Air Shuttle was founded in 1993 and is Europe's third largest low-cost airline behind easyJet and Ryanair, operating more than 400 routes to more than 145 destinations. Norwegian's fleet consists of 737, A320 and 787-9 Dreamliners. Norwegian's fleet is easily recognizable due to its unique "tail fin heroes" airline design. Each plane features a famous Scandinavian or British icon on the tail.



Norwegian flies to many destinations including Salzburg, Vienna, Sarajevo, Burgas, Varna, Dubrovnik, Pula, Rijeka, Prague, Aalborg, Billund, Copenhagen, Ronne, Karup, Tallinn, Helsinki, Ivalo, Kittila, Oulu, Turku, Vaasa, Nice , Montpellier, Athens, Kefalonia, Chania, Heraklion, Corfu, Rhodes, Pointe-a-Pitre and many others. Norwegian now also operates long-haul destinations, including Bangkok, London, New York and Miami.



Following the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the airline reduced its route network but continues to operate and looks forward to a positive future as air travel recovers. You can easily book Norwegian flights through Alternative Airlines.


Fly Norwegian Air- The largest airline in Scandinavia!


Operating as Norwegian, Norwegian Air Shuttle is a Norwegian low-cost airline and the largest airline in Norway and Scandinavia. After easyJet and Ryanair, Norwegian is Europe's third largest low-cost airline. The airline is headquartered in "Diamanten" Fornebu, Norway. Norwegian has its operational bases in Alicante, Barcelona, Bergen, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Gothenburg, Helsinki, London–Gatwick, Los Angeles, Madrid, Malaga, New York–JFK, Oslo–Gardermoen, Paris–Charles de Gaulle, Stavanger, Stockholm– Arlanda and Trondheim. The airline's subsidiaries are Norwegian Air Argentina, Norwegian Air International, Norwegian Air Sweden, Norwegian Air UK and Norwegian Long Haul. The airline has a fleet of 58 aircraft (excluding subsidiaries) and 163 aircraft (including subsidiaries). Norwegian Air flights are operated to a host of destinations around the world, including Los Angeles, Manchester, London, New York, Madrid and more.


In-Flight Amenities


The staff employed at the reservations desk, check-in desk and onboard crew are service-minded, making the experience with Norwegian Air hassle-free.

Passengers can freely use the onboard Wi-Fi through various devices, including mobiles, laptops and tablets.

Operational security has been a top priority throughout the organization. Crew members, as well as maintenance personnel and handling agents, adhere to strict maintenance standards in accordance with international standards. Flight safety drills are carried out regularly, controls, management and hazard analysis are carried out and irregularities are reported to the company's flight safety department.

Norwegian Air passengers can carry additional luggage, a service that is not directly related to the cost of the ticket.

Coffee, tea, snacks and meals are offered at a snack station inside the plane for a small additional fee.

Televisions are mounted on the overhead panel for passengers to enjoy audio or video entertainment programs during the flight.

If you plan to fly to your port of embarkation, you must decide whether you want to book the airline tickets on your own or use the AIR/SEA program offered by Norwegian. These are the main considerations that will help you in your decision.

Advantages of Arranging Your Own Airline Tickets
The main advantages of getting your own airline tickets are that you will be able to select the airline you fly with and you will have some control over the timing and route of your flights. You may want to fly with a particular airline to use frequent flyer rewards, or to earn frequent flyer miles, or because that airline has nonstop service to your port city. If you manage your own plane tickets you will have more control over these variables. If you use Norwegian's AIR/SEA program, you may be provided with an air schedule with an overnight flight, multiple connections, and in some cases, a forced overnight stay at your own expense.

Use seat reservation to reserve your seat

If you are traveling on regional trains in Eastern Norway, you can purchase a seat reservation as an additional service along with your season ticket or single ticket. With seat reservation, you can use a seat map to reserve any seat in specific carriages. You can do this for any outlet you want to use, up to several weeks in advance.

Please note: Sometimes we have to change the seat assignment (direction of travel, window/aisle) due to, for example, differences between train models. This does not entitle you to compensation.

How to reserve a seat

It's easy to get started with seat reservation. Below are illustrations showing how this is done in the app (in Norwegian).


Tips for booking Norwegian Air Shuttle flights

Explore Norwegian Air Shuttle flights and destinations

Norwegian Air Shuttle serves many popular tourist destinations. Our “Popular Norwegian Air Shuttle Flights” section lists popular destinations from the last 7 days. Alternatively, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see if the "Popular Expedia Norwegian Air Shuttle Flights" tab is available, which offers more destination options for booking Norwegian Air Shuttle flights.


Find a cheap last-minute Norwegian Air Shuttle flight on Expedia

Expedia has partnered with Norwegian Air Shuttle to offer great flight deals around the world. To discover cheap Norwegian Air Shuttle flights at the last minute, search for your preferred destination and dates and be sure to compare prices for nearby days. Being a little adaptable with your travel dates could often lead to bigger cost savings. It's also a good idea to be flexible with your departure and arrival airports, as flying to a nearby airport could save you money.


Cost of Norwegian Air Shuttle flight tickets

The cost of Norwegian Air Shuttle flight tickets can vary depending on the distance from your destination and the time of year. Norwegian Air Shuttle ticket prices to popular destinations can be considerably cheaper outside of peak tourist season. A one-way ticket with Norwegian Air Shuttle starts at Expedia.


Discover the best deals on Norwegian Air Shuttle flights

Some of the best deals on booking Norwegian Air Shuttle flights can be found in the “Best Flight Deals” section below the search bar. Click the "All Offers" tab to view Norwegian Air Shuttle flight offers. Cheap Norwegian Air Shuttle flights are often available for one-way and round-trip travel. Whether you’re booking last-minute flights or planning ahead, Expedia can help you find the right Norwegian Air Shuttle flight for you.


Norwegian Air Shuttle's checked-in luggage allowance

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the items allowed on the plane and what your Norwegian Air Shuttle ticket covers, and make sure your luggage meets the weight and size requirements without incurring additional charges. Simply search for your destination and click on the Norwegian Air Shuttle Expedia flights that catch your eye. A pop-up window will open showing your baggage allowance, as well as additional options you could purchase, such as additional checked baggage. After making a reservation, details can be found in your itinerary.


The benefit of booking Norwegian Air Shuttle flights with Expedia

Expedia offers a wide selection of Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY) flights and the best deals on cheap Norwegian Air Shuttle flights. When you book your Norwegian Air Shuttle flights with Expedia, you can take advantage of member pricing. This gives you access to some of the best deals on accommodation, car rentals and more. By booking your entire trip through Expedia, you can often save more.


Cancellation policy on booking Norwegian Air Shuttle flights

To find out the cancellation policy for a particular Norwegian Air Shuttle flight ticket, search for your destination and dates and click on the flight you want to book. A pop-up window will open showing your flight cancellation policy. Make sure you read it carefully before booking. The cancellation policy is usually between several airlines. You can review the airline's rules and restrictions on your itinerary to see what Norwegian Air Shuttle allows you to do and what fees they charge for flight cancellations.


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