World of Warcraft: Ardenweald, the night forest in Shadowlands

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands not only crosses the boundary between life and death, but also crosses the boundary between what Blizzard’s 16-year MMO was and what is possible. It bombarded us with familiar characters such as Thall, Jaina Proudmoore, and got some surprises at the opening ceremony, but it also continued to open up new corners for World of Warcraft and introduced daunting jailers. As the first major villain in the history of World of Warcraft, they did not originate from RTS games to some extent. His arrival seems to be the beginning of a new chapter in the entire story. At the same time, Shadowlands tried to turn the page to show what the Cheap WOW Classic Gold highest level of activity looks like, and it has succeeded in rejuvenating World of Warcraft.

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In fact, World of Warcraft is like two different games to me, especially in the recent expansion: there are usually exciting, fast-paced, story-intensive leveling experiences, and then repeated, and finally make Annoying ending. The first part of Shadowlands did a great job, as expected: it took advantage of World of Warcraft, made me like it very much in a short period of time, about 20 hours, and created strange, unique and wonderful new areas. Revendreth is a place where evil dead regret their sins at the hands of the vampire Venthyr, full of creepy castles and tangled woods. In the ethereal night forest, Ardenweald, the dedicated Night Fae monitors natural creatures until it can be reborn into a new mortal form, and its stars are gleaming.

Ardenweald also provides us with one of the best regional stories in World of Warcraft's history. Most of the characters are refreshing faces, and I find them very charming and memorable. The Classic WOW Gold firm allies Niya and Korayn fell in love with me almost immediately, and they were eager to do their best even in a chaotic and heartbreaking situation. However, the surprising guests from the existing knowledge are unexpected and perform well, and have a lot of accumulation to satisfy people. Moreover, the plight of the new fae allies has taken some very influential turns, which are beyond the usually rather limited emotional range of World of Warcraft.

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