All chat commands and how to close chat in "Path of Exile"

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All players can speak freely in the chat system of Path of Exile. Here you can communicate with other players in a variety of ways, and you can also exchange experiences with players from all over the world. As well as console commands that can help you adjust various things, you will also learn more about POE Currency.

We will show you how to communicate with other players in the game and how to use commands. By default, the chat box is mapped to typing on the keyboard, but you can also click the small bubble bar at the top left of the health status. Here, you can select the category you want to chat.

To enter a global chat, you need a message starting with #, which will be automatically added when you select the "Global" option on the left side of the text box. The same is true for all other types of chat-see the list below for the prefixes used for each type of chat.

When you travel across land, "Global" is a general conversation with other "Path of Exile" players. Trade is another important trade because it allows you to provide and accept items that are traded with other participants (at your own risk). To send a message to a specific player, type their username after the @ suffix, and only they can see your message.

You can close any of these chats by clicking the label above the message list. For example, clicking "Global" will delete all global chat messages, as will all other categories.

The chat box allows you to enter various commands for many useful reasons, from party management to statistics and stupid tidbits. The following is a list of commands and their functions-they all begin with a slash (/). If you are in the game, Buy POE Currency for a more comprehensive list. However, thanks to the people on the "Path of Exile Wiki", all possible inputs are provided here.

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