New York Giants in Baltimore Crow Madness 21 simulation

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Sunday's New York Giants game is critical to the possibility of the playoffs. Need to win to enter the playoffs, the Giants face a very balanced Baltimore Ravens. Want to win in madden 21 does not need so much trouble, only need Madden 21 Coins.

For the 16th week of this week, we simulated the game in Madden 21 to see the results of the game. In this simulation, progress is not going well for the Giants.

This game is absolutely a mess for the giants from jumpers. At the beginning of the first quarter, Daniel Jones made an interception when he came in. He later increased his turnovers and was intercepted by Marlon Humphrey in the third quarter of the second quarter.

At halftime, Baltimore led 6-0 from two Justin Tucker shots. When Calais Campbell dropped Jones into the end zone in the read options game, their lead was extended by two-thirds.

Although the game is still a single game in most cases, the Giants offense has not developed. Lamar Jackson was happy to enter the finals in the fourth quarter, ending the game 18-0.

Jones' offensive struggle was blatant, Jones only completed 37% of his passes and threw 3 interceptions. They also rushed a total of 27 yards. The Giants will have an uphill battle with Baltimore's strong defense this Sunday. I hope they will achieve more offensive success than Madden. Now many players will also Buy Madden 21 Coins on GameMS website to use celebrity skills to form a strong team.

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