Elden Ring: Where To Find Frozen Armament

Frozen Armament buffs your primary weapon, coating it in ice for further magic damage. Here's and you'll discover it in Elden Ring.

Frozen Armament buffs your primary weapon, coating it in ice for further magic damage. Here's and you'll discover it in Elden Ring.

All weapons in Elden Ring have a primary damage type, which, generally, is a kind of physical damage. More unique weapons have a second type of damage already infused into them and can't be switched out; these secondary types of damage are often elemental.

These second types of damage are extremely useful as additional elemental damage could possibly get around an enemy's resistance whenever they receive less damage in the weapon's primary type. While having a second type of damage on the weapon is advantageous, a fundamental weapon with just one damage type could be boosted with items or spells to obtain a temporary second affinity, which makes it easy to change the second affinity to complement target-specific resistances. Players can buy Elden Ring Runes and elden ring items from a trustworthy shop like MMOWTS to gain access to powerful new abilities and strategies.

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Where To Find Frozen Armament

Frozen Armament is situated behind Caria Manor and may only be obtained after defeating Royal Knight Loretta. Starting in the Royal Moongazing Ground Site Of Grace, head outside with the western exit. Now away from manor, rather than heading for the massive crystals and dragon ahead, create a sharp right turn and go to the more regular-looking path without flintstone crystals.

Continue right and around the manor, keeping it in your right to discover the path east. Shortly on the way, you will find a teardrop scarab; killing you'll have Frozen Armament. Be sure to attack the scarab either on horseback or with ranged attacks, because it will try to run away and disappear. Should it disappear, go back to the Site Of Grace to really make it respawn and try again.

How To Use Frozen Armament

Frozen Armament requires 15 intelligence to memorize, trying out one memory slot, and 20 FP to cast. This spell can simply be cast for those who have staff in a single hand along with a single affinity weapon within the other. The cast time with this does take just a little longer and really should be considered whenever you attempt to imbue your weapon before fighting. The weapon will remain imbued for around a minute, so casting another or two early is preferable to too late. Casting this spell will imbue most of your weapon with frostbite, which will give it a chance to frostbite your enemies, leaving them taking additional damage while lowering their damage absorption for any short time after being affected.

This spell can simply be cast on weapons having a single affinity, which often is seen to fall off within the late game. Spells such as this highlight the versatility of single affinity weapons because this spell is better when combined with other spells or to cover as numerous affinities as you possibly can. Being able to improve your weapon's secondary effect to focus on the enemy's lowest resistance can make your character incredibly powerful making boss fights easier.

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