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Alien zone plus mod apk is an aliens base game. In the Alien zone plus mod apk, you will play the role of hero in the character of a girl. Aliens attack the world in different groups, and your mission is to protect the world from these enemies aliens.But the battle against alien bosses is

Save the world:

In alien zone plus mod free shopping, you are the only person who can save the world from different attacks from aliens. You can compete with them with their powerful weapons and skillful planning. You can get unlimited money after competing with aliens. And use this money to purchase more powerful weapons.


This game has fantastic graphics that attract users and saves the world from aliens. It looks like a real fight with aliens. Weapons of alien zone plus mod apk have high-quality graphics; different toy companies get ideas from this.


The game offers an extensive collection of weapons in different varieties. In addition, you can get more advanced and powerful weapons by spending your coins or money. When you get potent weapons, you can easily compete with the Alien’s zone and groups of different aliens attacking the world.

alien zone plus mod apk

Challenges yourself:

 In this game, you can face different challenges, and You will get a lot of levels in this game. At Each level, you will fight against the attackers and finds different space stations. If you increase your level, fight with enemies, get unlimited money and gems, and become more potent by purchasing different upgraded weapons.


Gems are the currency of this game, and you can upgrade character expertise like your weapons and clothes. Because when you change your look, your enemies can’t find you quickly, and you can compete with them. Also, use the gems for purchasing accessories from the store. 

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