Easy Ways to Keep Your Sex Doll Clean and Hygienic

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No one wants their wildest moment with their silicone sex doll to be interrupted. Especially, at the time when you are just about to get on the bed with her.

No one wants their wildest moment with their Real Life Sex Dolls to be interrupted. Especially, at the time when you are just about to get on the bed with her. Whether you are crazy about her vaginal, anal, or oral areas you always love to enjoy your life-size sex doll fresh clean and sexy. Isn’t it? For these reasons, we have tried to through some light on how you can keep your sex doll clean and hygienic, with wasting your entire day.   

Yes! You can clean your sex doll completely in just a few minutes with the right clean tools. So, before moving any further let’s check out what are essential tools we need to possess:

  • Comb
  • Mild liquid soap or antibacterial soap
  • Water
  • Vaginal irrigator
  • Soft cloth (ideally micro-fibre)
  • Dry towel or chamois cloth
  • Powder or corn starch
  • Baby oil

Now let’s focus on steps that will help your anime sex doll a sex blast:

#1. Step - Give your doll a shower or bath - Well this can cover your other fantasy as well, but remember never ever wash your sex doll with hot water (especially the TPE one). Go for medium temperature water. For deep cleaning, you can remove her head and cover with layers of silver foil around her neck to seal it. Avoid making the metal parts wet.  

#2. Step - Clean the orifices - Mostly sex dolls have three orifices, so at the time of showering your doll completely make sure you clean the orifices completely. This can be the place where bacteria can breed and smell bad, thus make sure to clean all the damp and dark holes thoroughly. Also, some orifices are removable while others are not that depends on the model. But, removable orifices including vaginas, anuses, and mouths are much easier to clean and can be great fun.

#3. Step - Use Vaginal irrigator - whether you call it an enema or douche bulb or vaginal irrigator, it is the best tool that can ease your work while cleaning the doll’s orifices. All you need to do is to fill it with water and insert it inside an orifice and then squeeze. Each time when you go for intercourse with your doll you must shortly make use of vaginal irrigator.        

Hopefully, you must have found these steps quite easy to keep your beloved Anime sex doll clean and hygienic each time before you take her to your bed. In case if you are planning to purchase a life-size sex doll, then you can give a visit to the Sexy Sex Doll website. 



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