Echemi builds a supply chain service platform

More than ten years since its establishment, it has deeply cultivated fine chemical and put them to sea
Echemi builds a global digital distribution and supply chain service platform


More than ten years since its establishment, it has deeply cultivated fine chemical and put them to sea

Echemi builds a global digital distribution and supply chain service platform

Behind the extremely low transaction efficiency of the traditional distribution model are the complicated product categories and extremely scattered industrial layouts. Echemi provides full-link professional services for global industrial customers by building four digital centers of information, transaction, data, and ecology, and helps China's high-quality fine chemical products to go global.

Unlike traditional information platforms, http://ECHEMI.COM is a transaction-oriented information service system to provide customers with multi-dimensional data such as product encyclopedias, industry real-time news, price trends, trading quotations, and supply and demand information. At present, it has settled more than 300000 SKUs and 100000 users from more than 100 countries and regions and is increasing at the rate of 20000 SKUs per month. It has developed into a global information center in the field of fine chemical.

Due to the long cross-border transaction process, many participants and various nodes involved, and the great differences in the policies of various countries in the fine chemical companies, given the above characteristics, ECHEMI has built its transaction service system, created industry-applicable CRM, ERP, DSS, and other systems, and through data docking with partners, broke the information island, opened up traffic nodes, smoothed the transaction process, and improved transaction efficiency.

At the same time, ECHEMI has established an international team, set up subsidiaries and offices in nearly 20 countries, and set up a localized warehouse distribution system in the world to serve customers more locally.

In the future, ECHEMI plans to open localized service capabilities to the whole industry, open the POP platform, create a more prosperous industry ecosystem, and on this basis, further precipitate data, expand categories, improve service capabilities, and form a one-stop supply chain service platform for the globalization of fine chemical companies.

Zhang Yulin, the founder of Echemi, as a veteran of the industry for more than ten years, has ambitious ideas and plans for the fine chemical companies. He said that the company's goal has gone beyond simple cost leadership, scale advantage, and service differentiation, but is committed to building a first-class organizational system and building an ecosystem based on the digital-driven fine chemical companies.

In addition to the supply chain service system, it also expands its professional brand promotion, registration and regulatory services, industry community, knowledge services, innovation, research and development, and other in-depth services.

Li Xu, the founder, and managing partner of Xinli Capital said: The SKU in the fine chemical companies is complex, the customers are scattered, and the international attribute is strong. In recent years, the production capacity has been gradually transferred and concentrated in China. In the future, more innovative products will be developed, produced, and launched in China and the world.

Unlike traditional traders, ECHEMI takes efficiency as the core, uses the Internet and digital technology to drive business, to undertake more SKUs, faster, more efficient, and lower cost reach customers, expand the industry influence through information release, online never-ending fairs, and build a localized team, layout overseas warehouse distribution system, and open the POP platform to further bear the all-round needs of global customers, Finally, it will become a new product launch platform for the fine chemical companies, a digital distribution platform with global service capabilities, a localized service platform, and an industry community, information center, and interaction center, and on this basis, it will create a prosperous industrial ecosystem.

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