How many people are prone to suffer Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

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In a scientific study, it was found that about 52 per cent of men are at risk of experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The risk of suffering from penile dysfunction increases with age, and this data is most seen in 40 to 70 years up to about 5 to 15 per cent majorly. However, even the yo

Ways to cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED):

There are some natural and medical ways for overcoming or getting the proper treatment and cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED). As per the new emerging technologies and medical advancements, men can use methods like alprostadil self-injections, testosterone replacement, penis pumps, alprostadil urethral suppository, and other penile surgeries.

Focusing more on the simpler and more of the natural side of curing the impotence, there are some ways as follows:

Choose your meal wisely: 

A diet rich in natural foodstuffs is fundamental in reducing penile dysfunction. One must undoubtedly involve vegetables, fruits, fish, and whole grains in his diet, whereas also giving a bit focus on fewer processed and red meat, along with refined grains.

Maintain proper body weight. It really matters!

A man having a 42-inched waistline is 50 per cent more likely to catch up with the impotence issues than a person who has a 32-inched waist. Losing weight and avoiding obesity can significantly help fight Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Well, obesity essentially increases the threat of various hormonal issues, diabetes, and vascular diseases, and all these contribute to being major causes for penile dysfunction.

Do not ignore vascular health:

High cholesterol, blood sugar levels, triglycerides, and blood pressure levels are red flags for impotence! These conditions can potentially harm the arteries of the brain, heart, and those leading to the penis.

Take care of the brain, buddy!

Most people still ignore and compromise their mental health over other things. Perhaps this is the main reason for most of their health issues and bad lifestyle. One must meditate and perform yoga to keep the mind stable and peaceful. This helps to keep up good habits and stay away from some health problems!

Give time to physical exercises:

A study conducted by Harvard University states that merely 30 minutes of walking daily can drop the risk of impotence issues by nearly 41 per cent. An excellent physical workout routine helps in restoring the sexual performance of people, especially in the obese and middle-aged population out there!

Focus on muscular movements!

Yes, it’s the muscles, but not precisely the biceps! Making the pelvic floor strong increases the rigidity during erections, during any sexual urge. This fundamentally presses on a critical vein in the body, which helps keep the blood from departing the penis.

Indulge into some good lifestyle habits:

If it is not easy to change your lifestyle, start off by improving it! One must not live on dangerous drugs, chemicals, and other harmful things which make him addicted to it! Quitting alcohol, especially for moderate to high doses or daily, is a good thing to start! One must give up on smoking and tobacco consumption too.

Get rid of previous stressful experiences:

Sometimes, it is the past shocks, incidents, and other painful incidences after which a person keeps on thinking about it most of the time. There might be losses in any work-life, regrets of life, the pain of losing a special one, or any past mistake, etc. All these can essentially help to make one’s life depressing and painful.

One can look for good therapy sessions to eliminate such stressful recurring thoughts and focus on the better side of life! Erectile Dysfunction (ED) could be easily kicked off in such a manner, or at least reduced to a lot extent!

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