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Many people apply for CSC Center, but they do not get an ID. So in such a situation opening a Digital Seva (DGS) center can be a better option for those people. It not only provides you employment, but you can also get a good salary through these centers. You can earn more money by opening

Since 2017, the Digital India Portal has been owned by the E-government industries, for generating the network with the operators, merchants, vendors, and the consumers, etc., and making the benefit for all the people. It is a platform that provides all the services in one spot so that it will be easy for the customers and the vendors to enjoy the services without any confusion.

The portal provides the opportunity to the retail merchants, to make a network through this online portal is a very low investment, so that it will lead to the part of the development of the nation and the individual as well. Through this portal, the Govt. has created the Franchisee for the retailers, in which the merchant has to provide the receipt to the consumer, so all the business has to be done lawfully. This portal is mainly generated to increase the benefit by providing several services.

Digital Garmin seva

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