How to help your teen adjust to a new school

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Tell your teenager that it's completely normal to not be welcomed with open arms on the first day of school.

Be close, but do not impose your society.
Always be ready to listen and support.
Do not give advice and do not be zealous with moralizing.
Reduce the turnover of educational work.
Do not drastically change the policy of relations with a teenager - do not try to become a friend, do not tighten the framework.
The main thing is to broadcast to the teenager: "If anything, I'm there." If something does not work out with writing an essay, then remember that it is important for you to help in writing a written work. For this, you should use in order to write and submit your written work on time. This will greatly help your child to understand that you are always there.
Jonn also recommends that you be sure to talk to your teenager about the consequences of changing schools in advance: “Even if a child himself decides to move to a strong class or chooses a certain profile in another school, he sometimes does not fully realize that this means not only a change of environment and teachers, but also a change in the familiar environment. So it is better to discuss and speak all these points in advance. If the child categorically does not want to change school, but it is necessary (for example, due to moving to another part of the city), it is necessary to discuss that it will not work to stay in the old school: the road to it will become too long and uncomfortable. You can even invite him to try to "ride" as an experiment.
The key to successful adaptation in the middle classes is natural behavior. Each of us, according to John, has his own life role, and it is not worth changing it, adjusting to the requirements of the social group.You won't be able to play such games for a long time, plus it eats up a lot of internal resources and does not allow you to fully open up, which means that the group will not accept such a closed actor, from whom it is not clear what to expect.

“Tell your teenager that it's completely normal to not be welcomed with open arms on the first day of school. Both he himself and the guys in the class need time to look at and get used to each other. And be sure to support the desire of the child to communicate with former classmates. The wider his social circle, the easier it will be for him to adapt.

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