How to motivate your child to write homework

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How to motivate your child to write homework. Why do we need to force a child.

There is practically no little schoolboy who did not try to please mom and dad with his actions and deeds. Everything he does has one goal: to feel the attention of his parents and earn their praise. Therefore, you must constantly make it clear to the child how important his academic success and diligence are to you, how happy you are if he quickly and correctly copes with his homework (but do not go to the other extreme): if the child is “weak”, then the requirements are too high can only spoil the relationship and assure the child that he will never deserve the attention and love of his parents).

You should gradually move to the use of other incentives. In the middle classes, the child is looking for a way to express himself, trying to take a leading position. Parents can present a good education as a quality that will help him achieve these goals. For high school students, the need to study lessons is explained as one of the conditions for passing exams, getting into a good university, getting a good job in the future and building a successful career.

Always and in any situation, you need to show a sincere interest in the success of the child, to know how he succeeds in the classroom. Most children will sit down to do their homework on their own and without quarrels, just like that, others are cunning and turn to professional essay writers. In some cases, if a trusting relationship cannot be established with the child, more drastic methods may be considered. Sometimes ultimatums work. Children understand that no excuses will help, and they do their homework so as not to anger their parents. Of course, this method has nothing to do with physical punishment for unlearned lessons or poor performance.

The second way is quite simple - contractual relations. Parents set conditions for children, if, for example, you do homework - you can play on the computer, there will be no problems with homework - you will go for a walk with friends on the weekend.

Many parents love and very often use such techniques. But remember that these are very tough measures that can act for a short time, these are external incentives for the child, and the value should be the education itself, and not gifts and the opportunity to communicate with peers. And during this period, you need to try to establish relationships with the child with the help of a psychologist or teachers.

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