AI-based Drug Discovery Market Size, Trends, Growth and Analysis by 2035

AI is currently being deployed in various sectors, particularly pharmaceutical industry, for various applications.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of making smart computer programs and machines to perform tasks, which require human intelligence. It uses the learning from is based on many fields of science, such as computer science, psychology, linguistics, engineering and, mathematics and biology.

In the past few years, AI-based systems have demonstrated intelligent behavior through their ability to learn and, communicate with its users as well as nd solve complex problems using highly sophisticated algorithms.

Consequently, AI is currently being deployed in various sectors, particularly pharmaceutical industry, for various applications.  In attempts to address the concerns associated with the rising capital requirements in drug discovery and prevent late-stage failure of drug development programs, stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry are currently exploring the implementation of AI based tools, in order to better inform drug development operations using available chemical and biological data.

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AI-based Drug Discovery Market

Majority of the stakeholders have the required AI-related expertise for lead identification and optimization of drug candidates targeting a range of therapeutic areas. Over 55 stakeholders in this domain claim to offer AI-based drug discovery services for both small molecules and biologics.  Example of companies that offer AI-based drug discovery services for therapies targeting oncological disorders include Arctoris, Benevolent AI, Data4cure and Elucidata.

Growing Number of Partnerships Validate the Interest in this Industry

A rise in partnerships focused on research and development of drugs using AI-based technologies validate the growing interest in this market; the maximum number of such deals were signed in 2021. It is worth mentioning that maximum partnerships (33%) were focused on drug targeting oncological disorders.

Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

In the past two years, close to 250 patents related to AI-based drug discovery have been filed / granted, indicating the heightened pace of innovation. In addition to industry players, various academic institutes have filed multiple patents in this domain.

Likely Growth of the AI-based Drug Discovery Market

Driven by the increasing demand for AI-based technologies for drug discovery and development, the market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 25%, during the time period 2022-2035. Currently, North America holds the largest share in the overall AI-based drug discovery market.

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