How does Path of Exile get gear with white sockets?

Path of Exile has a recently released new league called Lake of Kalandra.

Path of Exile has a recently released new league called Lake of Kalandra. Lake of Kalandra introduces many new game elements, and all players have a fresh start. Players need to Buy POE Orbs and the best equipment possible to conquer new content. For example, getting things such as gear with white sockets.

Early players in the League of Kalandra started with characters of the first level, so getting gear with white sockets wasn't a big deal, but Path of Exile 3.19 really starts with completing the main 10-act story, as far as the game is concerned. For veteran players, the 10 act stages will take a lot less time than new players. Players may also open new venues in the world atlas to obtain corresponding Chaos Orb or item rewards.

In the late game, players have to use skill gems to insert into slots in armor or weapons to gain powerful strength in order to become stronger. Players need to insert skill gems into the corresponding red, green and blue sockets, but the rare white sockets can be put into any color of skill gems! But when you gain powerful power to defeat monsters, you can get corresponding POE Currency and item rewards.

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