Norfolk and its Caribbean crystal style clear waters

For the past couple of days many of us have tried different things to keep cool and for Chris Taylor it was a chance to go snorkelling off the Norfolk coast, at Sheringham, with his camera.

"With the sea reportedly being 18-20C at the moment, it’s the perfect temperature for cooling off but not so cold as to make you yelp", he said.

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The Sheringham Snorkel Trail, formed on top of a disused Victorian sewage pipe, boasts a "huge array of colourful and interesting sea life," said Mr Taylor.

Divers can make their way along the trail, which features ropes and buoys.

"The recent calm weather has allowed the water to clear and from the air you could be looking at the Caribbean with crystal clear, azure seas and sandy beaches all along the North Norfolk coast.

"With the multicoloured seaweed, sponges and many anemones it’s an underwater paradise and a great escape, even if just for half an hour, from the searing heat we are experiencing at the moment."

Taylor is an experienced underwater photographer and knows the Sheringham coastline well.

The RNIL warns people to respect the water and be aware of rip currents, waves and cold temperatures.

  • If you're struggling in the water, fight the urge to thrash around
  • Lean back, extend your arms and legs
  • Gently move them around to help you float if you need to
  • Float until you can control your breathing
  • Only then, call 999 or 112 for help or swim to safety

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