Stay Safe and Protected with PHT's Security Solutions

Preferred Home Technologies offers the highest quality and customer care available anywhere for Business & Home Alarm Systems.

Video surveillance is undoubtedly necessary for households and commercial spaces, but they alone aren't enough. Whether you need to equip your home or business with the best safety technology, PHT is the top choice for you as a security alarm company in Missouri City. 


Our security services cover a wide range to safeguard American lives and properties with advanced features like motion sensors, remote access, intrusion detection, instant notification, etc. All this has made us the number choice as a security alarm company in Missouri City


With our range of security solutions, you can effectively keep tabs on your loved ones, home, business, and employees. Stay in complete control of your security systems and ensure that your loved ones are safeguarded by the best in the business. 


Our protective, real-time security solutions with energy efficiency give you the best ROI and all-around protection. 


Why PHT Security Systems?

Whether you need to safeguard your home or an enterprise security solution, PHT Security Systems is here to safeguard everything and every one valuable to you. All our systems are designed and technicians trained in a way so as to ensure maximum protection of your home and office. Our security products are meant to prevent unauthorized entry, fire hazards, theft, and damage to property while protecting your family and employees every one. 


Our security systems help you to detect intrusions and alert law authorities in real-time. With PHT security systems on your side, you can effortlessly prevent any security or safety hazard to your high-value assets and loved ones. 


Get in touch with us at (281) 272-5276 or to schedule a quick survey of your home or commercial space to protect your home and valuables with the best security alarm company in Missouri City.


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