Esports Betting: Learn How To Make Money On Dota 2

Esports Betting: Learn How To Make Money On Dota 2

Lose bets

If you like making money in Dota 2 it's more profitable to trust outsiders in CS: GO. Yes, underdog offers rarely go above 2.50, but even factors like this, if you analyze a little about your team’s latest operations, can get you 5-7% ROI distance.

Catching odds above 2.00 is a good thing: no more than three bets, so a small deposit is enough for the game to succeed.

TB Card (2.5)

The first two rounds are replaced by opponents on their favorite map, and it is quite logical (additional scenarios) to go to the destroyer for most of the meeting. A score of 2-1 or 1-2 is more common than 2-0 or 0-2. Your task is to select the competitors of the competitors that are comparable in level and load in the competition.

Financial strategy is just a matter of personal preference. It is almost impossible to lose money per tie, but it is unlikely that your ROI will exceed 10%. But catching up can lead to a great ROI of 25%, but the chances of losing all your money are much higher because. No one is immune to long-term loosening.

Turn based

A rare game in CS: GO has no fights at all, especially when the loser has a well-drawn card in his hand. Therefore, TB betting can not be wrong and is a more accurate card choice than TB: To play priri poker requires a score of 1-1 and a high standard total (55.5) is usually in a dry match (eg, Second Map (16:13 and 16:11 above).

It's the same thing: if you vote for confidence - choose equal, if you want to increase as much as possible - catch up.

Read and bet on CS

In conclusion

Making money on Dota 2 and CS: GO is real, but you need to know the basics and just make bets that are mathematically profitable as we introduce in the material. Remember: Betting blindly on results or trusting the majority (loading) is the path to bankruptcy.

Rick Puer

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