A Short Guide to Solar Regulators

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Un regulador de carga solar debe estar creado para soportar golpes fuertes, ya que tienen que soportar mucho calor y deben de gestionarlo adecuadamente. Consigue el indicado para ti con nosotros.

A solar regulator (also referred to as a charge controller) is applied in conjunction having a stand alone (off grid) or perhaps a grid connect solar energy system that incorporates a backup battery bank. To get a grid connect solar power system that does not use batteries, a solar regulator isn't necessary. Get additional information about controlador mppt

A solar regulator is usually a modest box consisting of solid state circuitry that is placed in between a solar panel with a battery. Its function is to regulate the level of charge coming in the panel that flows in to the deep cycle battery bank in an effort to prevent the batteries being overcharged.

A regulator can also present a direct connection to appliances, although continuing to recharge the battery; ie you are able to run appliances straight from it, bypassing the battery bank; but the batteries will continue to be charged.

Modern solar regulators are extremely efficient and can outperform just about any 3 stage mains energy battery charger.

Choosing a solar regulator

To determine the size regulator you'll need, verify the amp ratings of the solar panels and add these figures up - that figure could be the minimum size regulator you are going to nee. Also keep in mind when choosing a solar regulator, it really is crucial to also look ahead - if you consider you are going to be adding for your system, it pays to buy a regulator rated as high as you can, which can save you money after you add added solar panels.

Solar regulator upkeep

A solar regulator needs no upkeep aside from frequent checks on the wired in connections to view that they are tight and corrosion absolutely free. A solar regulator really should be mounted out of direct sunlight and in an region where there is decent air flow. Although the solar regulators of today are particularly robust; efficiency and serviceable life will endure in extreme heat.

As an extra safety mechanism to shield the regulator, your batteries and appliances, plus reduce fire threat, it's sensible to place an appropriately rated fuse amongst the solar panel along with the regulator.

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